Dong Ba, Cabramatta

Posted on 090308

Famous for their Bun Bo Hue – Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, $8.00

I JUST noticed that we were eating on blue tables!!! Hrms.. the colour blue colour suppresses ones hunger.. but clearly these people are completely oblivious to this fact. For all the dieters out there, eat on a smaller plate and to suppress your hunger even more, use a blue plate! Notice how there aren’t many natural blue foods around, and even so, the artificially coloured ones don’t look that appetising. (Blueberries don’t count for much cause they’re not really blue, more like.. black/blue/tinge of purple in some cases? =P)

Moving on, Dong Ba.. $8 for a MASSIVE bowl, comes out within minutes of ordering and tastes pretty damn good! You can’t expect much from an eatery in Cab with these prices, but you get used to the service and the rowdy atmosphere of workers and patrons shouting and yelling.

Dong Ba
Shop 5-6, 40 Park Road
Cabramatta NSW 2166
P 02 9755 0727

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