Wagaya, Haymarket

Posted on 090407

Wagaya is snazzy, the decor is modern, lots of textures, the walls, the floors, the feature designs, the seating arrangments, the lighting.. it was just.. really snazzy! The place was bustling with patrons too.. AND the nifty bit, the touch screen menu! Who needs waiters when you have a tv screen situated on the wall beside the table where you can peruse through the menu and order whatever you like and as many as you want. Downside? You just keep wanting to order EVEN after eating lotsa food! Hahah..

Takoyaki, Gyoza and Sashimi platter was ordered. Ate that. Then ordered the “recommended” ox tongue. Ate that too. Ordered scallop sashimi. Ate that. Some room left for dessert. Ordered that too! Hahaha.. nom nom~

The sashimi platter was DELISH!! They had an assortment of raw seafood, including your typical tuna and salmon, there was also king fish, scallops, scampi <== OMFG, so YUM!!! and other sashimi that was a bit o.O too .. but I still ate it. Heck, I’ll eat just about everything! The ox tongue was really good. I was expecting it to be really tough and chewy but it was surprisingly soft and light, it reminded me of Bo Kho.. mMmm. Nomz fell in love with the sashimi scallops, so we gots more.. tis was pretty tasty! Finally finished it with dessert which was a trio consisting of mochi (I think…), black sesame ice cream (YUM YUM!) and green tea jelly with azuki beans. Ahh.. what a lovely dinner.. the place is awesome, the atmosphere is really nice, and you can even hire a room to have dinner with an entertainment system AND sit on the floor, just like the Japanese people do!

Level 1, 78-86 Harbour St
Haymarket NSW 2000
P 02 9212 6068

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