High Tea at The Westin Sydney Hotel

Ah, finally the day has come that I get to try High Tea and excited I was. Finger food, mini sandwiches, mini sweets and desserts (carbs make me giddy), and of course, choice of tea or coffee, or even a mocktail or a glass of moet and chandon for $10 or $20 more respectively. I make a booking for two at The Westin Hotel in Martin Place at a reasonable time of 2:30pm which suits Naomi greatly as she can sleep in til noon and wake up just in time for high tea which serves as both her breakfast and lunch… it’s just not quite brunch – perhaps afternoon breakfast tea?

Interior of the Westin; glass ceiling, seating area and hotel lobby.

Possum and mini koala plush that hugs onto our high tea tier.

Jasmine pearl tea and Lychee Black tea.

It didn’t take long before our double tier came out (thank gosh cause I was starving at this point) with the first tier filled with sweet desserts and the bottom tier had a variety of mini sandwiches and croissants. *drooooooool* The waiter advised us that high tea was a “Possum Magic Afternoon Tea“, which explains our furry friend on the table, and that the food represented or was inspired by Possum Magic.

Snap snap snap and dig in!

Tomato basil tonnato spread on herb focaccia and scrambled egg and macadamia salad on white and rye crustless bread. Both were fresh and tasty but could have done with a bit more flavour as I found it slightly bland.

Smoked salmom with dill on a croissant and roast beef on rye open baguette. The crosissant was a major stand out for me, the smoked salmon packed a good punch of flavour which complimented well with the lightly buttered crossaint.

Once our tier of breads were consumed, the waiter came back and replaced it with a plate of fresh natural and pumpkin scones with jam and cream.

Grandma’s pumpkin and natural scones with jam and cream. This is when it hit me… I don’t mind scones! Never really was a fan, but that may have changed! Dense and soft with a buttery flavour teamed with jam and cream, a mouthful of goodness!

It didn’t take long for me to devour through the 2 scones drenched in jam and cream before I reached the final tier! At long last I get to send my taste buds into a sugar high!

First in the firing line, mum’s pavlova; crispy outer shell, soft airy sugar clouds topped with custard, strawberry, blueberry, a slice of starfruit and mango. I’ve never been a huge fan of pavlova and this hasn’t changed my mind either. Anzac crunchy biscuit sandwich; win win win! The chocolate cream was smooth, not overly sweet and a nice compliment to the Anzac biscuit.

Magic mango trifle and hush citrus lamington. What looks best is not guaranteed to taste the best, the trifle confused me as I found the textures to be rather overwhelming. The crispy sesame chip reminded me of the sesame/peanut desserts my mum often buys when it comes to Chinese New Years so it was a rather nostalgic moment as I chowed it down gleefully. When it got to the mushy part, there were chunks of mango, chopped nuts, bread? cake? and mango syrup that kinda just mixed themselves together. Like I said, I was confused, I still am and have concluded that it was the blunder of them all. Finally, we finish off with the lamington with another nostalgic image from my childhood – Mem Fox’s Possum Magic book cover! The lamington was light and spongy with a light coating of chocolate and dessicated coconut… my mistake was to eat the Possum Magic book cover marzipan! Consuming marzipan is never a good idea in my books – unnecessary sugar high.

Finally, I can’t wait to have high tea again! It’s just like a sandwich and sweets degustation with your girlfriend(s) after a day of shopping.. or in my case, a weekend sleep in!


High tea with tea or coffee, $36.00
+ mocktail $46.00
+ a glass of moet and chandon $56.00

The Westin Sydney Hotel
No. 1 Martin Place
Sydney, NSW 2000
P 02 8223 1111

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