The Cupcake Bakery, QVB NSW

the cupcake bakery qvb red velvet

the cupcake bakery qvb red velvet

Treated myself to a well deserved (or not, this is totally subjective) dessert over the weekend whilst I was on my solo adventure. It was one of my many carb hits for the week! I tried the carrot cupcake at the cupcake bakery on Oxford St a few months back, and that was quite a disappointment.. I was hoping to grab a cupcake or two at Cupcakes on Pitt, but when I got there, it JUST CLOSED!! GAHHH, so whilst I waited for a gift to be wrapped in the QVB, I decided to give the cupcake bakery another shot.

The flavour on death row? Red velvet! Cute simple decoration on the cupcake was a major win, but much like the cupcake I had a few months back, the cake itself wasn’t anything special. The cream cheese icing was sweet as sweet could be; the cream itself was soft, light and creamy that when paired with the cupcake resulted in a nice balance of texture. I eat with my eyes, the decorations win me over just about every single time, but based on taste (and value)… I’d rather make my own!


Standard cupcakes: $3.50; One dozen: $39.00
Deluxe cupcakes: $4.50; One dozen: $51.00

The Cupcake Bakery
Shop 2-4, Lower Ground 2
QVB Sydney
P 1300 635 002

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