Maya Tandoori, Surry Hills NSW

maya indian surry hills

maya indian surry hills

maya indian surry hills
Seekh Kebab, $9.90
Spicy minced chicken, wrapped around skewers and smoke roasted in the tandoor with mint and yogurt sauce.

maya indian surry hills
Chooza Tikka, $10.90
Tender boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices, fresh ginger & paprika, cooked in the tandoor.
Tandoori Mixed Sizzler – for 2, $17.90
Chooza Tikka (2), Hariyali Mint Chop (2) Samosa (2)

maya indian surry hills
Garlic Naan, $3.50; Lachha Paratha, layered and crunchy wholemeal bread, $ 3.90 and Cheese & Garlic Naan, $3.90 (not pictured)

Where have I been all this time?! Naan bread is TO DIE FOR.. the lachha paratha was a stand out… the layers, the crunch, the carbs.. oh dear me!

maya indian surry hills
Chicken Tikka Masala, $15.90
Very popular, boneless tandoori chicken tikka in a tomato & onion masala, garnished with tomators & capsicum.

nhom nhom nhom~

maya indian surry hills
Fish Moulli Curry, $17.90
A South Indian speciality, fish fillets cooked in coconut gravy with mustard seeds and fragrant curry leaves. Mmmmmmm~
Lamb Vindaloo, $15.90
A Goan special, vinegar marinated lamb cubes in hot spicy gravy, finished with coconut milk.

I find Vindaloo to be very overwhelming and strong in flavour.. not sure if it’s my cup of tea.

maya indian surry hills
Lamb Shank Korma, $15.90
Lamb shanks cooked to tender perfection in a sealed pot in a cashew nut sauce.
Kadai Chicken, $15.90
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with capsicum, tomato & onions in a traditional Peshawari Style.

The lamb shanks… holy snap, the meat was so incredibly tender.. like melting in your mouth tender! After eating this and going back to the vindaloo, the lamb there felt tough.. only cause this was THAT tender!
Kadai chicken.. big thumbs up!

maya indian surry hills
Murgh Biryani, $15.90
Tender boneless chicken cooked with basmati rice, whole spices, served with raita.

Apparently this is one of the very few places that serves authentic Indian food in Sydney. Great food, great atmosphere and great service!


Level 1
468 – 472 Cleveland Street
Surry Hills
P 02 8394 9799

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