Tabou, Surry Hills

Friday lunch with a good friend of mine: K. Destination? Tabou on Crown Street in Surry Hills.
We both order the lunch special that they had on offer, and we were served the same mains but opted to try different desserts.

tabou restaurant french surry hills lunch special
Lunch Special, 2 courses and a glass of wine for $35

tabou restaurant french surry hills complimentary bread
Complimentary bread

tabou restaurant french surry hills table setting
Table setting

tabou restaurant french surry hills rose
Glasses of wine – rosé (which rosé? For the life of me, I can’t remember. >.< )

tabou restaurant french surry hills blue swimmer crab omelette
Blue swimmer crab omelette with a side of salad.

This dish was so yummy, the crab meat was cooked to perfection as well as the omelette itself. Nothing was overly runny nor was it too chewy or dry. The flavours blended well with each other and the crab meat was juicy and sweet and soft and… you get me, it was good! The dish may not look like a lot, but I was incredibly full after I finished it, bordering on a food coma.

tabou restaurant french surry hills Île Flottante

tabou restaurant french surry hills Île Flottante
Île Flottante, Orange floating island, blood orange consommé, blossom jelly

Absolutely devine! The dish itself is too pretty to touch, let alone devour! The floating island was packed full with flavour, the texture itself was incredibly light and fluffy, like clouds and air combined. The blood orange consommé and sorbet was sweet  and the blossom jelly (ohemgee), the jelly was heaven! I got a hint of jasmin through it, it was delicious. I want me some of that jelly! >=) And also, the edible flowers… nom nom nom! Favourite dish of the day, hands down!

tabou french cheese fig dessert
French cheese melted on toast with fig and salt.

This rather savoury dish was dessert (strange I know), sure the figs are sweet and when paired with the savoury taste of melted cheese on toast, I got an interesting combination of flavours… but to call this dessert… maybe not? Aside from this, the dish itself was simple and tasty; sweet and savoury when paired together correctly makes a nice combinations of flavours (think toast with vegemite and strawberry jam – try it, you won’t regret it!).

tabou chocolate
After dinner chocolate with a cherry liquer filling (I think).

In a nutshell, a nice quiet lunch at Tabou with surroundings reminiscent of Paris. As many have mentioned, this restaurant takes you far away from the city of Sydney and plonks you in the heart of Paris; the adorned windows, the atmosphere and paintings and pictures hanging on the walls, the service, the staff with their accents… ahhh, Paris!

Food: 3/5, I haven’t had enough dishes to give a fair rating on the food, however of the dishes I have tasted, I give it a three outtah five.
Service: 4/5, very friendly and helpful staff.
Value: 3/5, the lunch special is indeed just that, a special. Normally though, dishes can be quite expensive.
Ambience: 3.5/5


This restaurant has closed.
527 Crown Street
Surry Hills, 2010
P 02 9319 5682

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