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A quiet Thursday evening saw Nomz and I out in Strathfield for some damn good Korean tucker. Seeing that we were always in Stratty, whether it be for groceries, coffee, patbingsoo or late night tucker, we’ve scouted out most of the restaurants that the Korean populated suburb has to offer and have picked out our favourite eateries and most frequented eateries.

There was one place that we had yet to try and always had the intention to – Doori.

Today was Doori Day.

doori strathfield korean

With an extensive menu, it just made it harder to pinpoint what I wanted to order – even if I was on the verge of starvation. It took us a good 10 minutes finally settle on a dish that we would hopefully enjoy- the Doori special – Doori Bossam which consists of steamed pork served with vegetable kim chi and pancake wrapped in a variety of salad leaves.

doori strathfield bossam vegetable kimchi and pancake

doori strathfield bossam vegetable kimchi and pancake
Doo Ri Bossam; wrapped-up with steamed pork and vegetable kimchi and pancake, $30.00

The pork was plain on its own but when teamed up with the other accompanied side dishes, flavour explosion! The kim chi with oysters were spicy and packed with a punch of flavour and tang. YUM, I’m salivating right now just thinking about it. The tofu and fishcakes were cold and bland, but that may have been because we sat beside the door (’twas a windy evening), and the usual side dishes are always a big win.

We could hardly finish the entire meal and asked for the rest to be doggy bagged. Cheap and tasty dinner – you can almost never go wrong with Korean food!


20-34 Albert Rd
Strathfield NSW 2135
P 02 9746 7111

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  1. January 28, 2010 at 11:49 PM

    Yum I love bossam! I agree – the condiments make it, although I’ve never tried it with fishcake or tofu before. Kimchee with oysters is sooooo good.

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