Hyang Won, Strathfield

Seeing that we had very little time to squeeze in any grocery shopping due to work, packing and organising things to move back home (boohoo), we’ve been eating out a lot more than desired.

Location: Strathfield
Cuisine: Korean
Restaurant: Hyang Won

strathfield korean hyang won

The restaurant was empty when we got there… and empty when we left. Maybe that was a sign as to how popular the place was… or in this case not so popular. Eeeek, ah wells, we might as well give it a shot, no?

strathfield korean hyang won

We ordered the usual: bibimbap and as of late – cold noodles to counteract against the warm weather and help keep me refreshed and cool.

strathfield korean hyang won Dol sot bibimbap
Dol sot bibimbap, $13.00
The rice started getting rather soggy to the end which made it a bit harder to finish towards the end as it was just… mushy.

strathfield korean hyang won Naeng Myun
Naeng Myun; cold noodles, $12.00?
Icy cold noodle soup (vinegar) with buckwheat noodles, slices of beef, cucumber, apple, radish, ginger, a boiled egg, and ice… lots of it!
An extremely cool and refreshing dish that cools down the body almost immediately. Very light and filling too!

It also came accompanied with this:

strathfield korean hyang won Naeng Myun mustard
Mustard… which kinda looks like something else, but lets’ not go there!

I’ve got to say… meh. The food was ok, cheap eat, but I personally think there’s other places to eat where the food has a lot more flavour and atmosphere.


Hyang Won Korean Restaurant
31 The Boulevarde
Strathfield NSW 2135
P 02 9746 5750

1 comment for “Hyang Won, Strathfield

  1. Joshua
    February 16, 2011 at 6:57 AM

    You sir obviously don’t know how populated that restaurant is

    it starts to fill up at around 12am closing around 4am still full

    telling people to leave since the shops closing =]

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