Doori, Strathfield NSW

A lunch date with K during my last week in Sydney was on the cards. Opting for something local, I suggested we go to Doori with patbingsoo at Strathfield Square Cafe to follow suit, the plan was to have a small lunch so we could still fit dessert in cause dessert was going to be quite…. BIG!

The weather was eerily hot and sticky so we both thought something light and cool should do the trick to help cool ourselves down.

We order a plate of cold noodles (no icy broth) with a variety of vegetables, the one plate turned out to be this MASSIVE plate!

doori naeng myun and vegetables
Naeng Myun and vegetables
The noodles were chewy, cold, refreshing with a kick of spice. The vegetables complimented the dish in terms of colour and texture well.

doori korean side dishes
Complimentary side dishes

And a little something something: steamed dumplings

doori mandu steamed dumplings
Steamed dumplings, $9.00

We tried and tried to finish the lot, but overeating is never a good idea. So that was that. We sat and talked for a good hour or so before moving on to Strathfield Square Cafe for some much beloved patbingsoo! Ohhhhh, soooo good! Fruit, ice cream, milk, cornflakes, ice and sprinkles… best summer dessert ever. Actually, best year-long dessert ever! Ever.

Thanks for a great afternoon K, can’t wait to hit it up at Meat and Wine Co. with you once I’m in Sydney again!


20-34 Albert Rd
Strathfield NSW 2135
P 02 9746 7111

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