Lao Village, Fairfield NSW

D-day has finally come.

Last minute cleaning, apartment inspected and keys are handed over. This is it.

It is our last day in Sydney. Lunch was skipped seeing that everyone napped through the day in an attempt to catch up on hours and hours of sleep that was skipped throughout the past week… so that means that we’re only left with one more meal before jetting back to Adelaide. ONE!!!

Now, the dilemma is, what to eat and where to go? What doesn’t exist in Adelaide? What do we even feel like having that we’ve been eating out all day, everyday for the last 3 weeks or so… o.O Unfortunately for us, we are very undecisive people but finally (finally!), we all settle on Laotian food at Lao Village in Fairfield.

As expected, the place is buzzing with locals. We peruse through the menu and order a number of dishes:

lao village fairfield
Laotian sausages

laotian food raw beef salad
Raw beef salad
I’ve always wanted to try this, and now was my chance! Tastes ok, a tangy dressing of lime and the chewy texture of beef. Not bad.

lao village balut, fetus duck egg
Balut, fetus duck egg.
I failed in taking an image of the fetus as one of our friends on the table had to turn the other way whilst we finished this south east asian delicacy.

lao village pho beef noodle soup
Pho Laotian style; beef noodle soup

laotian food sweet and sour soup
Sweet and sour soup

Great food, cheap eat, great company! It’s all good!

Thanks for dinner guys.


Lao Village
1-3 Anzac Avenue
Fairfield NSW 2165
P 02 9728 7136

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