Eggless, Goodwood

Another catch up with the girls were due and instead of dinner this time around, we opted for dessert… something sweet… and eggless!

eggless, goodwood road
Retro mix and match decor.

Why eggless? Well… you guessed it, all desserts on the menu are egg free suitable for everyone including vegans AND the desserts are lower in cholesterol too! What more could you ask for?

eggless menu

Seeing that it was our first time here, we opt for a tasting platter and a green tea tiramisu seeing that I absolutely love all things green tea!

Our waiter arrives with a pretty looking platter and advises that we eat from left to right, starting off with the light desserts and eventually finishing with the chocolate macadamia brownie.

vegetarian dessert tasting platter
Vegan tasting platter, $18.00; wildberry and rhubarb ice cream, passion fruit creme brulee, black sticky rice and choc macadamia brownie

wildberry and rhubarb ice cream, passion fruit creme brulee
Wildberry and rhubarb ice cream – quite possibly my favourite out of the four. Lovely smooth texture and sweet – but not overly sweet.
Passion fruit creme brulee – YUMMMM! And they made this without eggs! I wonder how… nom nom nom~

black sticky rice, chocolate macadamia brownie
Black sticky rice – it wasn’t as sticky or dense as I was hoping it to be – it was more watery and very diluted but the flavours were still there.
Choc macadamia brownie – Last but not least, the brownie! Unfortunately by the time we got to this, all the mousse melted into a chocolate puddle… but that still didn’t stop us from finishing up the platter. Quite rich and chocolatey… I think I would have preferred if we ate the heavy stuff first and ended off on the wildberry and rhubarb ice cream.

green tea tiramisu
Green tea tiramisu; $7.00
Didn’t really enjoy this as much as I did with the platter. I expected the sponge cake to be of green tea but instead there was matcha powder dusted in between the layers and on top… which wasn’t quite a “green tea tiramsu” for me… and the cream was well… too creamy for my liking.


162 Goodwood Road
Goodwood SA 5034
P 08 8272 0777

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6 comments for “Eggless, Goodwood

  1. February 23, 2010 at 7:05 AM

    Everything looks delicious! And it’s great that they cater for the vegetarians and vegans who always seem to miss out!

    • debbii
      February 25, 2010 at 10:20 PM

      *Nods* Def a great concept for a dessert shop! No one misses out on a sugar hit. =D

  2. SK
    February 24, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    Brillant concept for a dessert shop.
    Although you didn’t quite like the GT Tiramisu . . the photo looks so good!

    • debbii
      February 25, 2010 at 10:21 PM

      The cream to cake ratio was 1:1… I reckon I would have preferred it if it was something like… 0.2:1! Hahah, nevertheless great little dessert place, thanks for dropping by! 😉

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