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rigoni's, leigh street

Rigoni’s is located on Leigh Street, a small alley off Hindley St which is often overlooked and unbeknown to most. The restaurant exudes a classy yet comfortable setting with white linen draped on the tables with cutlery set out neatly. There is a bar in the centre of the restaurant with fixed wooden stools by the side, the lights and wooden decor give off a warm and inviting atmosphere and the friendly staff are dressed in matching uniforms providing excellent service to boot!

The few days prior to dinner, I had already skimmed the menu via their website and had an idea of what I wanted to order (it always helps to be prepared) seeing that I always (without fail) take forever to decide what I want to eat. =P

rigoni's, bruschetta
Bruschetta di aglio, l’arancia il timo confit garlic, orange & thyme bruschetta; $3.90

The bread was so SO crunchy and buttery with a slight tinge of garlic and orange, very tasty – but I think I would have preferred if the orange taste was more stronger and evident.

rigoni's, mushroom pasta
Tagliatelle con funghi: mushroom flavoured pasta ribbons with porcini & swiss brown mushrooms, thyme, hazelnuts & cream, entrée size; $18.90

We were quite taken back at how small this dish was when it came out; we understood that we ordered an entrée size, but still… it was quite… tiny. I suggested we ate all our dishes before we order anything else, just in case the small serving size was due to how heavy and filling the dish may be. Boy was I right or what! =D The mushroom flavoured pasta was al dente with an earthy yet pleasant taste. The other elements of the dish complimented each other well in terms of taste and texture. *Thumbs up*

rigoni's, potato gnocchi
Special: potato gnocchi with cockles, prosciutto and spinach

Beautiful! Cockles cooked just right, the meat was flavourful and super juicy. The potato gnocchi resembled soft potato pillows, and the sauce just tied everything together perfectly!

rigoni's, braised rabbit risotto
Coniglio con verde olivo risotto braised rabbit with green olives, baby carrots, tarragon, baby spinach & aged goats cheese, entrée size; $18.90

I’ve never had rabbit before and was game enough to order it. (Ha! Pun.) I’ve got to say, this was my favourite of the night. The rabbit meat looked very much like chicken; texture wise, not so much. It didn’t smell gamy as I thought it would and the meat was extremely tender and cooked to perfection as it melted in my mouth. I’ve also never been a huge fan of risotto, but this dish changed that… oh how I love risotto now – especially if it tastes this good all the time!

rigoni's, garlic roast potatoes with rosemary salt
Patate fritti garlic fried potatoes with rosemary salt; $7.90

So so. I expected the potatoes to be crunchy and crispy, but unfortunately they were not. I suspect they were baked rather than fried as per the menu – I could be wrong though.

rigoni's, dessert
Melba pesca white peach poached in saffron & vanilla with pistachio praline, vanilla gelati & rosewater syrup; $13.90
Budino d’estate summer fruits marinated in cointreau with watermelon sorbet & sweetened ricotta; $12.90

Oh my oh my, desserts!! The poached peach was divine! The peach was soft and full of flavour from the saffron and rose syrup, the gelati was refreshing and light… and the praline just added the other dimension in terms of texture.

On the other hand, we found the summer fruits… strange to say the least. The sweetened ricotta… wait, was that even ricotta? Really? It had a strong taste of flour and the texture was of nothing I’ve tasted before. It resembled a stringy, fibre like sponge… like an uncooked eggplant being torn into strips… yes… raw eggplant strips. Not very appetising. Worse dish of the night I thought, but overall, everything was lovely! The staff, the food and as always, the company!

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3/5 – you get what you pay for.
Ambience: 4/5


Rigoni’s Bistro
27 Leigh Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8231 5160

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