Vegetarian Delight, Hindmarsh [Closed]

Is it that time of the year again? Fasting for Easter or avoiding meat on the first of every month according to the Lunar New Year calendar, or you’re just a vegetarian all around? Well you’re in luck! And hey, even if you’re not a vegetarian, why not give this place a try? You might be surprised!

vegetarian delight, menu
Vegetarian Delight’s menu

Located on Port Rd is a humble Chinese/ Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant specialising in a huge array of vegetarian food. None of the boring salads of lentils, greens and veggies, let your taste buds go on a wild ride from the peking duck to the steamed fish! All mock meat of course!

vegetarian delight, 3 colour drink
3 colour drink: green cordial, fanta and red cordial

vegetarian delight, 3 colour drink
3 colour drink

vegetarian delight, samosas
Samosas – crispy pastry skin filled with vegetables and curry sauce.

vegetarian delight, mock peking duck
Peking duck: mock duck meat, cucumbers, coriander, chilli, hoisin sauce and pancake, vịt quay bắc kinh

vegetarian delight, mock peking duck
Peking duck, vịt quay bắc kinh
Mock peking duck meat, a sprig of coriander, a piece of cucumber, chilli (if desired) and a spoonful of hoisin sauce laid on the pancake. Roll and wrap – much like a spring roll and devour! Flavour and texture explosion in the mouth… and a zing with the added chilli. Mock meat, or real mate, close your eyes, taste the flavours and feel the texture on one’s palate, it’s just like the real thing!

vegetarian delight, caramelised braised fish and mushrooms
Caramelised braised fish and mushrooms, cá kho
Mock fish with no bones! WIN.

vegetarian delight
Salt and pepper prawns, tôm rang muối tiêu

vegetarian delight, steamed fish, sweet and sour soup
Steamed fish (cá hấp) and sweet and sour soup (canh chua)

All mains served with rice.


Vegetarian Delight
462a Port Rd
Hindmarsh 5007

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2 comments for “Vegetarian Delight, Hindmarsh [Closed]

  1. April 13, 2010 at 4:35 AM

    i was there on sat nite for a friend’s birthday, awesome food, mock meat is a very interesting concept!

  2. April 13, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    It’s amazing how similar to meat they can make the dishes! The peking duck pancake looks nice.

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