British India, Adelaide

british india, the thali room

Nestled around the corner of china town Gouger St and Morphett St is British India – an Indian restaurant divided into two separate rooms. British India where you have the option to order from their a la carte menu, or The Thali room, where you order a Thali platter (much like a Japanese bento box) where there are small servings of a variety of curries: a curry of your choice, vegetable curry, chicken tikka salad, dahl (lentils), mango chutney, rice and naan bread.

british india, the thali room

N and I are in the Thali room on this occasion, and boy, are the aromas seeping through our nostrils and down through our stomachs or what! It’s rather dark inside, dark floor boards, a series of prints frames on the wall, mirrors on the ceiling whilst the room is lit by tea candles and lamps hanging upside down from the ceiling. A really nifty and cozy atmosphere. We’re both seated and quickly put our orders through; N orders the Malabar Thali (prawns) while I opt for the classic Shimla Thali (tikka masala).

british india, the thali room, mango lassi, orange blossom sherbet
Mango lassi, $6.00
A fresh yoghurt drink, whipped and blended with mango and honey – thick and creamy concoction of yoghurt and mango. Very tasty but personally I’d prefer something lighter to go with the Thali platter… something like an:
Orange blossom sherbet, $6.00
British India’s version of a traditional Indian drink – delicately flavoured with orange blossom – this was bliss. Refreshing bliss. The hint of orange blossom and mint paired with the carbonated liquid was light and flavourful, a great chaser for the heavy thali platter to come.

british india, the thali room, malabar
Malabar Thali (prawns), $22.00
Prawns in a smooth, mild coconut and curry leaf sauce served with vegetable curry, chicken tikka salad, dahl (lentils), mango chutney, rice and naan bread.
I had a bite of N’s malabar thali, and my oh my was it creamy or what? The coconut fragrant was strong, the curry thick and creamy and the prawn fresh and juicy with a hint of the ocean.

british india, the thali room, shimla thali
Shimla Thali (tikka masala), $22.00
Sauteed chicken tikka with onion, tomato, chilli, garlic and ginger served with vegetable curry, chicken tikka salad, dahl (lentils), mango chutney, rice and naan bread.
Pow! The shimla thali was bursting with flavours, the chicken was juicy and not overcooked and the massive kick of chilli was delectable! I really do enjoy hot spicy food. 😛 The vegetable curry was a stand out amongst the other sides, as was the naan and chicken tikka salad.

Usually my dinner portions are a helluva lot smaller than the thali platter… but last night, I absolutely cleaned my platter. And that’s saying something.

Yes I know, I’m a pig but hey, I’m a happy pig.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5


British India
270-276 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8212 2411

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