Queen Street Cafe, Croydon

Organised a brunch date with the 2 L’s at one of their favourite local cafes – Queen Street Cafe hidden within the suburb of Croydon. I arrive at the cafe at 10:30 and the suburban cafe is already buzzing with patrons! The cafe is spacious with indoor and outdoor seating area, there are stools by the shop window where one can sit and enjoy their meal whilst peering outside enjoying the sunlight, a large painting on the side wall of a lady relaxing on a green blanket and of course, the large blackboard above the front counter with their all day breakfast and lunch menu scribbled in chalk.

queen street cafe

Boy L boasts that this is his top pick for breakfast in Adelaide where they make the best scrambled eggs he’s had to date. So hey, I’m expecting a lot from these scrambled eggs! 🙂 We put our orders through and await for our meals along with our coffee beverages… and might I say, they make one mean coffee! One of the best coffees I’ve had in Adelaide so far! 🙂

queen street cafe, scrambled eggs with rocket and mushrooms, brunch
Scrambled eggs with rocket and mushrooms, $12.90
The scrambled eggs were soft and slightly runny (can’t say it was the best), the rocket salad was fresh and crisp with a nice tangy zing in the dressing, and the mushrooms were delightful – tasty, juicy and crunchy. (I suspect that they were sauteed in some olive oil.)

queen street cafe, brunch

queen street cafe, brunch, poached egg with rocket, mushrooms and bacon
Poached egg with rocket, mushrooms and bacon, $12.90 + $3.50 (bacon)

queen street cafe, brunch, belgian waffles
Belgian waffle with mixed berry compote, $12.90
Very nice, a sugar hit after a meal is always well received. Waffles were crispy (that is until it got slightly soggy), they weren’t overly sweet (yay) and the mixed berry compote was slightly sweet, sour and tart. A great combination of flavours and textures.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5


Queen Street Cafe
12 Elizabeth Street
Croydon SA 5008
P 08 8340 0708

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