The Lion Hotel, North Adelaide

ROAR goes the Lion… or my very very hungry belly for that matter! I was hungry, very very hungry and the mission of the night is to eat a big fat steak! Ha, we’ll see how that goes.

the lion hotel
Interior and exterior

Kicking off with starters:

the lion hotel
House dips with assorted bread – beetroot and roasted mushroom dip; $12.90

DIVINE! The bread was lightly buttered and toasted, crispy crunch followed by soft pillowy goodness… and the dips! OMG, the roasted mushroom was to die for! Beautiful flavours, smooth and light. Mmmm~

So far so good! I had a big fat steak in mind, but also recalled what the specials for the night were… and squid ink pasta was on the menu – something I’ve always wanted to try! At the last minute as the waiter was taking our (N and I) orders, I changed my mind and opted for the barramundi special. Gahh!

the lion hotel
Pan fried barramundi with squid ink pasta, seaweed salad, apple puree, lobster tempura ball and mayonnaise

Who knew it was going to be SO SMALL? And there, my tummy was roaring like a lion already!! Wrong dish for me? Perhaps! It was yum yum, albeit a bit small. The barramundi was cooked just right, although I found the skin to be a bit on the salty side; the pasta was very fresh and light and the small serving squid ink pasta was a bit of a letdown. A few strands of pasta ain’t gonna go well with my hungry tummy! >.< Oh the lobster tempura ball (which I thought was a potato hash brown) was the BEST THING ever. Beautiful little golden ball with the mayo. I could have a bowl of them, please? Pretty please? Sweet succulent meat bursting with flavour… I’m salivating as I type this… :)~ omnomnom

Coorong Black Angus M.S.A* graded scotch fillet with creamy mash, peppercorn sauce and spiced tomato relish; $36.90

Very very good, especially the tomato relish! Intense but lovely flavours.

the lion hotel
Dessert tasting platter: Crème fraiche with mandarin zest, mandarin cake, whisky chocolate mousse, walnut pannacotta, Portugese tart and churros; $23.90

I don’t think this picture does this platter justice. This platter was HUMUNGO. It took up half the table! Favourite dessert of the night: whisky chocolate mousse – rich but not overly sweet, creamy and velvety smooth. :)~~ I found the churros to be a letdown with the centre being really battery… or maybe I’ve just grown accustomed to the churros at San Churro? Also got to try my very first pannacotta! I thought I’d leave the best til last.. unfortunately I don’t think the pannacotta agreed with me. I found it really REALLY creamy, leaving an after taste of milk and film of cream on my palate. The walnuts incorporated in the pannacotta wasn’t a hit for me either. =/


The Lion Hotel
161 Melbourne Street
North Adelaide SA
P 08 8367 0222

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  1. July 23, 2010 at 2:48 PM

    Mains look tasty, but the dessert platter does look quite small, guess looks can be deceiving!

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