Homemade freestyling pizza

Who doesn’t love a mean pizza?! And what’s better than a pizza?

A homemade one with fresh ingredients with your favourite toppings… and the best part: you have fun making your own (with friends/ kids/ family) AND you know what’s going in it! Win win I say!

So let’s get cracking:
(Unconventional recipe follows, hehe!)

Toppings (only a handful pictured):

homemade pizza, recipe
Mushrooms, pineapple, spinach and chicken.

Other toppings not pictured: ham, salami, onion, olives, sundried tomatoes and of course, cheese! Obviously, you can use any kind of toppings as you wish, capsicum, rocket leaves, anchovies, salmon, prawns, let your imagination run wild! 🙂

Next, preparing the base. You can make your own pizza dough or buy premade dough OR, what my friends and I like to use, wholemeal pita bread. It’s thin, wholemeal and comes out crispy after it’s been in the oven. PLUS, less carbs and more topping. 🙂

homemade pizza, recipe
Squirting and spreading pizza sauce over the pita bread.

homemade pizza, recipe
Start covering the base with a variety of toppings

homemade pizza, recipe
Freestyling pizza mission completed. Now bung it into a preheated oven. 160 degrees celcius – keep an eye on the pizza – it shouldn’t take too long!

End result:

homemade pizza, recipe
DELICIOUS! I killed this, and another one resulting in an unwanted food coma! Hahah.

Oh and something my friend made for entree before having pizza: Potato and leek soup!

potato and leek soup

Such bliss! <3

My head and belly says no, but my mouth does not know when to stop! 🙁


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