Belgian Bier Cafe Oostende, Adelaide

Dinner plans were on! Boy was I excited or what? Food, drinks, friends… and it’s a Saturday night! Woooot.. that is, until I hear where we’re heading – Belgian Bier Cafe. Just a slight qualm about the place having been there once earlier in the year and not really enjoying the food there. But you know what? I can always rely on their beer and chips so I know, at the very least, I’ll be having something goooood. 🙂

belgian bier cafe oostende floris apple pomme frites mayonnaise
Floris apple beer and Pommes Frites and creamy mayonnaise; $12.20 and $7.90

My favourite beer – think appletiser – oh yeahhhh~ and the chips… these are some damn good chips with mayo. Crispy potato goodness teamed up with creamy mayo. DELISH. Negative? Not enough mayo! (Although that may be a good thing for my ever growing waist line!)

belgian bier cafe oostende gnocchi belgian fish cake
Belgian fish cake with prosciutto, Belgian endive and clovis dijon mustard mayonnaise; $13.90
Hand made gnocchi with swiss brown mushroom, char-grilled bacon, spring onion, shaved parmesan, cream and truffle oil, $14.90

Oh my… I’ve never been a gnocchi person, so this is the first time ordering the dish (I usually just steal a piece or two from my friends). What a deilght! The gnocchi was a melt in mouth experience. LIKE WOW. It just.. melted… disappeared. Beautiful… BUT I found this dish to be super super rich and heavy (still good but just too heavy for my tastes – coming from someone who prefers red sauces when it comes to pasta). I could only get through half before doing swapsies with J. 🙂

belgian bier cafe oostende les moules musses duck lasagna
Les Moules – paddestoel – steamed with field mushroom, bacon, cracked pepper, roast garlic, spring onion and cream; $29.50
Duck lasagna with red cabbage

My swapsie dish was the lasagna. What a contrast in flavour! Light, tangy red cabbage and a nice balance of textures. Loved it… but the lightness of the dish soon became heavy, cheesy and gluggy. (The cheese, oh the cheese… too much cheese chefs! The dish started off so well.. hehe)

Chicken breast with saffron and poppy seed mash, char-grilled chorizo and sweet corn with pepper jus; $27.90

Fine Belgian white chocolate tart with raspberries, saffron fairy floss and warm dark chocolate sauce in flaky pastry; $12.90

We somehow found a way to squeeze in dessert. Sweet decadent white chocolate with wispy fairy floss… bliss. Best to share this as one or two bites will meet your sugar quota for the day!

Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 3.5/5


Belgian Bier Cafe Oostende
27-29 Ebenezer Place
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8359 3400

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  1. Sarah - For the Love of Food
    October 14, 2010 at 12:52 AM

    Not being a beer lover I’ve never thought of eating here before but I must say the food looks good (and generous) and my partner would be very pleased if I suggested a beer haven for dinner 🙂

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