Sparrow Kitchen and Bar, North Adelaide [Closed]

sparrow kitchen and bar

Capped the week off with my first ever experience with tapas (yes, I’m quite the late bloomer) at the very popular Sparrow Kitchen and Bar. Hopes were high as many, many friends have boasted about the delightful Italian and Spanish inspired food that comes out of this kitchen, and first impressions are looking good.

There is an open window bar at the front of the restaurant overlooking the street where patrons can take in the fresh spring air whilst still enjoying the shade and ambience from inside. N and I opt to sit outside on the second level courtyard overlooking the streets and enjoying the beautiful weather. Our waitress is friendly and helpful whilst informing us of the specials that were on for the day. Easy choice for us really – tapas tasting menu ($55pp) for two and a bottle of sangria to top it off! *rubs hands with glee* Boy, I am excited for what’s to come!

sparrow kitchen and bar
Menu and live Spanish guitarist (Sundays only)

sparrow kitchen and bar, sangria
Sangria: Sparrow white win with lemon rum, orange and passionfruit; $20.00

sparrow kitchen and bar, scallop, crab and rocket sandwich
Hervey Bay scallop, basil polenta, guanciale

Perfectly cooked juicy scallop drowned in basil polenta and topped with guanciale (unsmoked Italian bacon) – and drowned in a good way, however I found the polenta a tad too salty for my tastes. N, on the other hand, cleaned this down in no time and found it seasoned to fit her tastes. Heh.

Crab and rocket sandwich
I found this a bit… boring. Would’ve preferred it a whole lot more if the sandwich was slightly toasted to give it some texture and crunch.

Duck donut and porcini salt
Can I say yum?! Loved the duck donut, tender duck meat encassed in a crispy golden batter on the outside with a touch of porcini salt. Tip: team the donut with the salt at the same time, and not salt in mouth first then donut. I learnt that the hard way! >.<

Chicken liver parfait, fig and fennel crostini, pickled walnuts
Also loved the liver parfait. I could just eat that thing by it self, all on my own. Creamy, velvety texture paired with crunchy crostini, sweet fig (jus? reduction?) and pickled chewy soft walnuts. Explosion of textures and flavours in the one hit. This was good. really good. Four dishes down, seven to go! Oh man, why must my stomach disagree with me now? Hmph.

sparrow kitchen and bar, wagyu burger
Mini wagyu burger

You can’t go wrong with this burger, the perfectly cooked wagyyu with tomato relish and mayo to pack a punch of flavour! Perfect size too, enough to satisfy ones craving without ever being too much. 😉

sparrow kitchen and bar, cauliflower croquette, mussels
Cauliflower croquettes, truffle aioli

Crispy crispy croquette batter which overpowered the cauliflower as I struggled to taste it. The truffle aioli on the other hand was bliss. Creamy goodness… if I wasn’t watching out for my waistline, I would have licked the little pot clean. SHH!
Mussels, peas, saffron cream, toasted bread
I am now in struggle town by the time dish number seven comes out! (four to go, oh mannnn) Juicy fresh mussesl – delightful.

sparrow kitchen and bar, white anchovies
White anchovies, parsley, shallots, thyme croutons

Oh, this was good. Really good. Anchovies are known to be super salty and this was far from it – not even close. Lightly flavoured in olive oil and parsley, the soft anchovie dissolved and melted away, a nice contrast to the crunchy and flavourful thyme croutons.

Time for my second stomach to form, just in time for dessert!

sparrow kitchen and bar, churros, catalana
Churros with hazelnut chocolate sauce and Catalana with vanilla madeleines

The churros were ok, I found it slightly thick in the centre and would have preferred if the chocolate sauce more thick and dark. San Churros is still the place to go for churros 😛
Creamy sweet goodness was bestowed upon us with the catalana and madeleines. Spoon after spoon, and catalana no more. <3 A thick syrup sits atop a light, smooth and creamy catalana – resembling a creme caramel without the caramel. 😉 <3

sparrow kitchen and bar, macaron, rhubarb juice
Gingerbread ice cream macarons and rhubarb juice

Finished the meal off with a small scoop of refreshing gingerbread ice cream wedged between two domes of macaron shells, and finally, a vile of rhubarb to cleanse the palate. A very cute touch to end the meal off, almost went into role playing mode with Romeo and Juliet when he drinks the poisonous vile at the end. Heh.

So if you’re feeling like something small, fun and delicious, why not head down to Sparrows and try this cute little bird out? Surely it won’t disappoint!


Sparrow Kitchen and Bar
10 O’Connell Street
North Adelaide SA 5006

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5 comments for “Sparrow Kitchen and Bar, North Adelaide [Closed]

  1. Ann
    November 5, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    Hi debbii, just found your blog and love it. I got excited when you mentioned San Churros as I thought they may have opened in Adelaide, but sadly, (or luckily) they haven’t. Am off to Melbourne very soon, so will get my fix there.
    I also loved the liver parfait at Sparrow.
    Look forward to your next review.

    • debbii
      November 5, 2010 at 12:04 PM

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

      I think it’s time for a San Churros to open up in Adelaide… somewhere down Rundle St would work a treat! That liver parfait was my favourite for the day! Omnomnom~

      Have a great time in Melb! So many places to go and eat 😉

  2. January 21, 2011 at 12:49 AM

    My partner and I recently ate at Sparrow with a group of friends… everyone on the table ordered tapa tasting plates, but seeing that it was All day Paella Sunday AND my partner and I were hungry, we ordered the paella thinking we would get it ASAP… everyone ate their tapas and their dessert before we got our paella!
    On the bright side though we had a taste of some of the tapas and they were tasty. Next time when I go there I will definitely have to try the macarons… (and we will not order the paella)!

    • dbites
      January 23, 2011 at 10:25 PM

      How did you find the paella?! I’ve yet to try it and shall be heading to Sparrows to give it a go soon! 🙂

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