The Royal Hotel, Kent Town

My dearest J just hit the big ol quarter of a century mark! And to celebrate (parties are postponed until further notice – heh!), her sisters, herself and I headed to the Royal Hotel to literally stuff our faces with steak. We geared ourselves up ready for our challenge.

And… What. A. Disaster. πŸ™

the royal hotel, kent town
Menu and all you can eat salads – pasta salad, roast vegetables and potato salad

the royal hotel, kent town
Sri Lankan clay pot beef curry with saffron rice, roti and mango chutney; $21.90

the royal hotel, kent town
Veal rump and prawn combo – rump steak topped with crumbed prawns and beamaise sauce; $26.90
400g prime yearling rib eye – chargrilled and served with potato galette, red wine jus and crisp onion rings; $29.90

The three of us opted for our steaks to be medium rare and only one of the steaks were. Mine was charred on the outside and the meat well done on the edges and passable ‘medium’ in the centre – so that was my target. Eat the centre of the steak and work my way out.. ha! I only got so far. AND they forgot my beamaise sauce! I knew something was missing (they gave me a potato galette instead – but that wasn’t great either – potatoes weren’t cooked properly with some slices still raw). >=(

C’s steak was just as bad.. maybe worse. Hers came out BLUE – which was sent back. Second time around, it comes back charred – but cooked. We half ass attempt to eat it, although our appetites are gone by this point – and give up on our dinner.

It was the first night that their new menus were put out so maybe they were still trying to iron out their kinks… even so, I would’ve liked our steaks to be cooked right. πŸ™

So how to redeem ourselves from a disappointing night of food?

A stop by a BP to load up on some Almond Magnums and Cornettos! Cheap dessert, fuss free and we know what we’re having is going to be gooooooood. Oh so gooooood and sweet!

Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 2/5
Ambience: 3/5


The Royal Hotel
2 North Terrace
Kent Town SA 5067
P 08 8363 4888

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  1. November 1, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    Oh no! I’ll avoid that one then! Wouldn’t expect a BLUE steak to come from somewhere as nice as Kent Town, but there you go! πŸ™

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