Happy holidays 2010!

merry christmas 2010!

And I’m back… kinda! It’s the first long break I’ve had all year so I’m trying to make the most of it before work resumes but what a year it’s been… and like that, we’re about to welcome in 2011! Bring it on I say.

Hope ya’ll had a festive Christmas, got awesome presents and ate lots and lots of food. I know I did… so much so that I think it’s time for a new scale! The one at home seems to be broken. Heh. >.<

Some holiday food snaps from the last week or so:

christmas 2010, sweet treats
Hello Kitty heart and star shaped cookies, dried fruit and coco pop crackles and decorated royals (HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!).

coconut macaroons with chocolate
Coconut macaroons with chocolate

chicken  with spinach and pine nut stuffing prepping, roast pumpkin

chicken with spinach and pine nut stuffing

chicken with spinach pine nut stuffing and roast veggies
Chicken with spinach and pine nut stuffing wrapped in bacon with sundried tomatoes and white wine sauce served with roasted zucchini, pumpkins and sweet potato. LOVED LOVED this dish. One of my all time favourite chicken dishes! Recipe here.

making chocolate fondant

chocolate fondant
Chocolate fondant – rich gooey goodness

muratti cake
‘Fruits of the Season’ Gateaux – layers of vanilla sponge with unsweetened cream and fresh fruits

Christmas Lunch 2010! Thanks for the invite lovelies! <3

xmas lunch 2010

xmas lunch, ham, roast chicken, prawns
Christmas lunch: Marion’s crispy noodle wrapped prawns with chilli and coriander dressing from the Master Chef Master Class, honey mustard glazed ham on the bone and roast chicken.

xmas lunch 2010, ham, garlic mash
Honey mustard glazed ham and garlic mash… (best mash ever!)

xmas lunch 2010, cherry mille feuilles
Cherry mille feuilles

Happy holidays everyone.. and like they say, everything in moderation! (Yeah right!)


2 comments for “Happy holidays 2010!

  1. December 30, 2010 at 5:11 AM

    *drool* at all the amazing xmas food… yum!

  2. January 24, 2011 at 7:28 AM

    Good lord! What a feast. It all looks amazing!!

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