The Brasserie, Adelaide

So we’re back to Adelaide eatings readers; venue of choice? The Brasserie restaurant at the Hilton hotel in Adelaide where its food showcases South Australian produce!

the brasserie, hilton hotel

the brasserie, hilton hotel

A trio of us arrive early and proceed inside to grab our table. We notify the waiter at the counter and get a quizzical response and a gesture to ‘go that way’ with no greeting of any sort. Strange.  So we go ‘that way’ and get directed to our table where we are seated and put our orders through.

the brasserie, bread, olive oil

To kick off, we were presented with bread, olives, olive oil, dukkah and pink salt. If you know me, you know how much I love bread and carbs so this one was no exception! I happily tore the bread into bite sized pieces, dunked it into the oil followed by the dukkah and pink salt. BLISS… although one should really go light on the pink salt, cause pink salt is salty! (Go figure) Loved the dukkah, extra crunch, texture and nutty flavour!

the brasserie, kangaroo, steak, mains
Outback Pride, Kangaroo: Pepper berry & bush tomato rubbed Macro Meats roo saddle, warrigal green & muntree salad, quandong & desert lime glaze, crispy saltbush; $31.00
Coorong Black Angus: hand selected Coorong Black Angus T-Bone, mash, Marco Mushroom House field mushroom, Café de Paris butter; $38.00

I ordered the steak… and my oh my, what a steak I got! Cooked medium rare, the meat was tender, juicy and super flavourful. The mushroom, creamy mash and butter were a delight and went extremely well with the steak. Speaking of, I could go for one of these again. Mmm.. =)~

C and T  enjoyed their Kangaroo however they were hoping for a slightly larger serving size… 6 pieces just wasn’t enough.

We finished our meals and the chef comes out to make sure we were happy with the meal: ‘How was it?’, ‘Was the meat cooked to your liking?’, etc. A small yet sweet and attentive gesture; thanks Chef, we thoroughly enjoyed our meals!


The Brasserie
Hilton Adelaide Hotel
233 Victoria Square
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8237 0697

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