Devour Dessert Bar, Prospect

Organised a quick catch up with my childhood friend P at one of the hot new dessert places in town: Devour Dessert Bar on Prospect Road. The interior is dark with the main source of light coming from lit candles which are scattered throughout the room on tables and very dim light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Artwork is displayed on the walls to fill up the bare walls giving it some oomph and character, a vast improvement from my first visit where the walls were quite bare and cold. The place is buzzing on this particular Friday night, patrons coming and going with few empty tables to be seen… I can’t wait to have a stab at something sweet tonight!

Don’t expect something ordinary when you come here, the desserts are rather eccentric and different so expect creative twists to classic dessert favourites and let your sense go on a joy ride of whimsy fun!

devour dessert bar
Complimentary sherbet marshmallows. Thanks Chef! 😉

devour dessert bar
Eton mess with fresh strawberries, passionfruit and macaron crumbs; $12.00
Orange blossom creme brulee with orange, mint and pomegranate salsa, hazelnut or almond tuile and citrus sorbet (forgot what citrus, hehe); $12.00

P being the special one that she is, requests for an eton mess from the chef and with the wave of a magic wand, she gets one! Hhaha, I on the other hand, opt for the creme brulee by P’s recommendation and my oh my, that is one mean creme brulee. A light tap to the torched top layer, I crack through the sugar shards and dig in to the sweet custard brulee. Accompanying my plate is the praline? and sorbet with pomegranate. The tuile is super thin and crispy, a nice textural contrast to the brulee – I just wish there was more of it *crunch crunch*. The sorbet was refreshing and a pleasant palate cleanser to cut through the creamy sweet brulee. I didn’t care so much for the salsa but it did make the plate look so darn pretty. Thoroughly enjoyed my dessert: the different components, flavours and contrast of textures.

Side note: on my first visit here, my table was presented with a chocolate garden compliments from the chef! Chocolate cake and mousse encased in a flower pot with chocolate pieces, flowers and ‘snap-crackle-pop’… POP ROCKS! LOVED that element of surprise!

The chef (Mr. Quang Nguyen) utilises seasonal produce for his dishes so the menu is ever changing… looks like it’s time for me to get back and try something new. I look forward to seeing this new found venture grow, good luck!

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5


Devour Dessert Bar
52 Davenport Terrace
Richmond SA 5033

96 Prospect Road
Prospect 5082

P 0411 536 343

Opening hours
Tue-Thu 6pm-10:30pm
Fri-Sun 6pm-11pm

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