The Apothecary 1878, Adelaide

Around this time last year, I found myself with N and P at the Apothecary 1878 for a dainty arvo of high tea enjoying each others company. This year, we’ve kicked it up a notch with a reservation for 8 in celebration of N’s birthday and for some yummy treats! Expectations were high from our previous experience, did it live up second time around?

the apothecary 1878, high tea

the apothecary 1878, high tea
Baked goats cheese with seedless grapes and almonds with toast
Beef and horseradish sandwich
Egg and mayo sandwich
Mini scones with jam and cream

Reservations are essential when it comes to High Tea at the Apothecary 1878 so the kitchen can prep enough food for the guests. The kitchen runs on their own time; so people, try to be prompt as food will be brought out whether you’re there or not. This totally blows, especially if hot food is being brought out and sitting there getting cold whilst guests have yet to arrive; sandwiches are obviously exempt from this.

The baked goats cheese dish was okay for me, mixed reviews across the table. The tip was to eat the goats cheese with ALL elements in the one bite else the goats cheese just get too much and becomes way overpowering.. at least that was the case for me.

Moving onto the sandwiches… oh the sandwiches! This is when it went completely downhill for me. It didn’t have to do with the taste, but more so the quantity of sandwiches per person. What looks like a third of a sandwich per person – one filling each. So in total, for the savoury side of things, each person consumed 1-2 slices of toast with goats cheese, and 2/3’s of a sandwich. Suffice to say, a majority of skipped lunch to cater for our high tea experience, so not only were we starving come high tea time, there wasn’t enough food to go around. This barely made a dent in our stomachs. Hmph!

As with the scones, freshly baked and very tasty… but there sure was a difference in size compared to our first encounter with them.

the apothecary 1878, high tea
Sweet tiers
Top tier – chocolate and coconut truffles, pear and lemon curds
Middle tier – chocolate eclairs
Bottom tier – vanilla slice

Dessert time… and the general consensus across the table was… ‘ALREADY?!’ – Yes, already. 🙁

The top tier were a hit whilst the rest kinda fell flat. The vanilla slice being the blunder methinks. The pastry was chewy with everyone having difficulty cutting into it with their spoons and instead, squished out the custard and causing a mini mess on their plates.

Not only was the food insufficient and the service slow, the prices have also gone up $5 per person. Disappointing high tea with the majority of us seeking a feed after exiting the doors.

Off to China Town we went!

$35 per person
High tea on Saturdays at 4pm by reservations only


The Apothecary 1878
118 Hindley Street
Adelaide 5000
P 08 8212 9099

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