Devour Dessert Bar, Prospect

I’m backkkkk! Back to Devour with my camera… which kinda dies out on me before the desserts even present themselves! So back to the fool proof iPhone cam I go (excuse the horrid colours >.< ).

devour dessert bar
My favourite feature wall of the place. Shelves of random knick knacks, most notably the old school phone and camera!

devour dessert bar
Complimentary raspberry and white chocolate ganache macarons
Lamb and fennel pie; $6.00
Toasted custard brulee on a chocolate hazelnut slice and pineapple sorbet; $12.00
Chocolate donuts with salted chocolate fudge, honeycomb and raspberry sundae; $12.00

A majority of us enjoyed the pink meringue shells of macarons with white chocolate ganache filling with the consensus that it was ‘just right’ in terms of sweetness… cause these bite sized treats can sure pack a punch of sugar!

Instead of opting for something on the sweet side, I went in the other direction and tried the lamb and fennel pie. (I actually wanted to try their pork buns but unfortunately they weren’t on the menu! Ah well, hopefully they make a come back so I can try one.) A slight mix up was had on the ordering on the ‘pie’, the meringue pie came out instead of the lamb and fennel pie… but the friendly waiter was quick to correct her mistake and come back out with a hot steaming pie, straight outtah the oven! Looks a lot like a mushroom top or a puffy chefs hat :). To be honest, I wish it stayed in the oven slightly longer as the filling was still runny and soupy… I assume it should have been thick and stew-like? 😛 Aside from that, I quickly devoured the golden crispy pastry that encased the top of the ramekin.

The toasted custard brulee was a winner! If you know me, you know how I love creme brulees… the only downfall on this one was that there’s barely enough for one person, let alone sharing between four! Wasn’t sure what the bread-like spongey cone cake sitting in the middle of the plate was… the dish could have done without it.

Another visit will have to be on the cards once those pork buns return to the menu! I want me some pork buns 😉

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5


Devour Dessert Bar
52 Davenport Terrace
Richmond SA 5033

96 Prospect Road
Prospect 5082

P 0411 536 343

Opening hours
Tue–Thu 6pm–10:30pm
Fri–Sun 6pm–11pm

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