4 Table – Bar Roaster BBQ, Kensington Park [Closed]

It’s Friday, Friday… Friday! CT and I arranged a mini feast for our hungry bellies by hovering over a hot grill whilst cooking our marinated meats at a korean bbq joint in Kensington Park. YUM-O.

4 table, korean bbq, kbbq
Honey citron tea; $2.80

I started off with a honey citron tea to battle my cold, a dose of vitamin and honey should do the trick! The tea is made by thinly slicing the citron fruit and cooking it in honey until it results in a chunky syrup. It is then mixed with hot water and there we have it, honey citron tea – a sweet fragrant and citrusy tea!

4 table, korean bbq, kbbq
Assortments of side dishes and salads

Once orders are placed, our waiter came out with condiments, side dishes which included Korea’s national dish – kim chi, and an array of salads. She also set up our grill where hot coal was placed in the centre hole of the table.

4 table, korean bbq, kbbq
Pork belly in spicy marinade; $18.50
Chicken BBQ marinated in special sauce; $17.50

Raw plates of meat arrived where our waiter grilled said meat for us, turning it every now and then as well as cutting them up to ideal bite sized pieces.

The meat is succulent, flavourful and piping hot! We happily stuffed ourselves in silence, wrapping each meat with a selection of salad leaves and side dishes, then dipped them in the condiments provided. The silence continued for a solid 10 minutes… hehe. So. Good. The flavours all melted together and the contrast of textures from the salad and meat was delectable – I am salivating as I type this. Can so go for some kbbq right now! >.<

4 table, korean bbq, kbbq
Japchae: potato noodles with vegetable noodles in special soy sauce; $13.50

One of CT’s favourite Korean dishes. The slippery sweet soft potato noodles are seasoned just right with the vegetables and light splash of special soy sauce mixed throughout.

4 table, korean bbq, kbbq

It’s pretty evident what we did – we literally cleaned it all up. A delicious dinner with friendly service – we’ll definitely be back, but until then, we had to roll ourselves out the door and figure out how we were getting home with food comas in tow.


4 Table Bar Roaster BBQ
402 Magill Road
Kensington Park SA 5068

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  1. July 31, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    I WANT TO TRY!!! :D:D:D

    • dbites
      August 3, 2011 at 4:41 AM

      Do try! It’s well worth a visit methinks. 🙂

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