Barossa Gourmet Weekend

I made my very first trip into the Barossa with a bunch of mates over the ‘Barossa Gourmet Weekend’ so it was safe to say that I was really looking forward to it! The weather was splendid and the drive there was scenic and quick.

barossa gourmet weekend

The ‘Barossa Gourmet Weekend’ consisted of 27 wineries showcasing their finest wines paired with food and live entertainment. On arrival at any winery, you have the option to purchase a NAB Barossa Gourmet wine glass, $5.00; that can be used throughout the weekend at all participating wineries. Bottoms up! As for the designated drivers during the event, they had the option to register at participating wineries and receive freebies like bottled water, tea, coffee, soft drinks. Win win for everyone! Even the little ones who had the chance to get fake tattoos and their face painted for free at selected wineries.

barossa gourmet weekend

First and foremost, a quick stop to the Barossa Info centre to get ourselves a map and brochure and a quick pitstop at their local lolly shop for a quick sugar rush. 😉

barossa gourmet weekend

Our lolly/candy stash: sour watermelon gummies, toffee apple, bananas, yoghurt sticks and sherbet UFOs.

barossa gourmet weekend, peter lehman, moscato

Peter Lehman Winery

2009 Peter Lehmann Princess Moscato 500ml, $20.00

Now onwards to our first winery: Peter Lehman of the Barossa. The winery was buzzing with people (a stand out in the crowd was a male in a wedding dress that didn’t zip all the way up – HEH!), live entertainment and the smell of food lingered through the air. We grabbed ourselves a table on the verandah and bought 2 mains to share between all, that way we got to taste a little bit of everything, and at as many wineries we had time for… and of course, if our stomachs could fit it all in!

barossa gourmet weekend, peter lehman, rigonis

Spinaci e affumicati pollo lasagna: smoked chicken and spinach lasagna with slow roasted tomato sauce, baby spinach, oregano and a mixed leaf salad; $15.00

Saltimbocca di maiale: pork medallions with prosciutto and sage on white polenta with zucchini relish and jus; $15.00

Rigoni’s was catering at the Peter Lehman Winery and boy was I stoked as I’ve always enjoyed their food in their city restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed both meals, especially the lasagna with the delicious flavours of smoked chicken, slow roasted tomato sauce and greens. The pork was also a hit with the smooth, creamy and sweet white polenta complimenting the tender pork medallions.

So far, so gooooood. We hopped back into the car and drove to the Château Tanunda Estate.

barossa gourmet weekend, chateau tanunda

barossa gourmet weekend, chateau tanunda
Château Tanunda Estate

barossa gourmet weekend, chateau tanunda, lavendar

Château Tanunda Estate croquet lawn seen through a window

Food by Owen Andrews Catering: eye fillet of beef with Château Tanunda Shiraz reduction, polenta and broad beans; $15.00


This was one amazing steak and at such an amazing price as well! Tender, super flavourful and the accompanying elements on the dish worked with each other harmoniously.

After said amazing steak, we are in search of more food! Next stop: Saltram.

barossa gourmet weekend, saltram


This place was buzzing!! Took a good few minutes before we secured ourselves a table. As for the food, their pizzas came along with a 40 minute wait… 40 minutes that we did not have so a platter to share was ordered instead along with a side of chips.

barossa gourmet weekend, saltram, platter

Saltram house plate: specialty of cold meats, chargrilled vegetables and home made crusty bread; $25.00 and a side of chips $5.00

And finally, time for dessert at Creed of Barossa as the ‘lavender ice cream syrup’ sounded intriguing.

barossa gourmet weekend

Local blue gum honey pudding with lavender ice cream syrup and candied violets; $12.50

Sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream; $9.00

Unfortunately it really wasn’t the most exciting thing, the dessert looked average, the ice cream was melting rapidly and both cakes were on the overly sweet side. Oh well, that wasn’t going to spoil the rest of the amazing food we had earlier in the day. We should have gone back for another steak though! Heh.

So after a fair bit of driving, 4 stop overs and quite a bit of food, we headed back to Adelaide. Psst, just between you and me though, we actually started the day off with a quick maccas run and ended it off with another one too; so technically, our last pit stop of our ‘gourmet’ day finished at Maccas. >.< Good times, good times. 🙂

BTW, hello Spring!! It’s about time for some warmth and sunshine.


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  1. Ann
    September 2, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    Great photos d. The Saltram platter looks generous. You spoiled it with mentioning Maccas though 😉

    • dbites
      September 4, 2011 at 11:34 PM

      Thanks Ann!

      I know right? All the boys wanted Shaker Fries and being the drivers for the day, we couldn’t say no. 😛

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