Royal Adelaide Show 2011

Howdy folks! Something a little different today :).

So I made a visit to the Royal Adelaide Show this year, the first in 5 years since working there way back when for some extra cash! Excited? Indeed. It’s been so long that I was really looking forward to see what was on offer, see the rides, the animals, consume some high calorie food that I really shouldn’t be eating and just soak in the atmosphere.

royal adelaide show 2011
Yellow Brick Road map, Yellow Brick Road Station #9, Christmas tree cookie stack

My first YBR ever, so I was pumped to find all the stations, explore the show grounds and get some goodies along the way. Map in hand, empty satchel strapped on and the hunt for all 14 stations was on. Filled up my bag within 2 hours whilst chowing down some of the goodies I collected along the way. Good fun and a great way to get one exploring the show grounds seeing all the different animals, shows, stalls, demonstrations and acts on show.

royal adelaide show 2011
Baaaa~ freshly sheared sheep – I just missed out on the shearing by this much!

royal adelaide show 2011
Goats, bunnies and piglets

royal adelaide show 2011
ZzZzzzzzzz… Adorable!

royal adelaide show 2011
Beethoven and huskies!! Look how huge that St. Benard is next to that kid. Hehehe

royal adelaide show 2011
Dulux dog! These dogs are living a hard life Zzzzzz..

royal adelaide show 2011

royal adelaide show 2011
Mamacita chihuahua – so cute! ๐Ÿ˜›

And finally, some of the not so healthy but yummy stuff I ate on the day:

royal adelaide show 2011
Mini melts ice cream (coffee and choc mint); $5.00 (medium)
Churros; $5.00

The ice cream was cold, fun, refreshing and super creamy. It was so fascinating how the pebble-like ice cream beads didn’t melt and clump together but stayed as individual beads (think nerds, but better), they were such a treat to eat! Textually fun. The churros were yum; golden and crispy with a good sprinkle of cinnamon and icing sugar.

Fortunately for my belly’s sake, I steered clear away from dagwood dogs, hot dogs, chiko rolls, fairy floss, jam donuts and chips on a stick. I did, however, succumb to a bucket of hot chips on the way out. Heh. ๐Ÿ˜›

So, did anyone else head to the RAS this year? See, do, eat anything exciting?

royal adelaide show 2011, rides
Show rides


Adelaide Showground
Goodwood Road
Wayville SA 5034

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