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It’s another prepaid dinner date for N and I. Yay for cheap deals! This time, we’re in for a Lebanese feast at Al Amir on the corner of Frome St and Rundle St in Adelaides’ East End.

The deal used entitled 2 people to a six course Mediterranean & seafood banquet and a bottle of wine for $49.

From the extensive “scoopon” menu, the first and last course were set. Each middle course allowed each diner to pick between 2 choices, so N and I agreed to get one of each as it was a perfect opportunity to taste a bit of everything!

al amir

Before we got our meal started, we both nibbled on fried bread accompanied with a pomegranate and lemon concoction. Refreshing and moderately sweet!

al amir

First up:
Trio of dips: hummus chickpeas, baba ganoujj eggplant and labneh yoghurt and bread.

The yoghurt was the favourite out of the 3 as the other 2 were more or less left untouched after a few dips.

Second course arrived a solid 30 minutes later with a live belly dancer strutting her stuff during our wait.

Jwaneh djaj succulent marinated chicken wing pan-fried with coriander, garlic and lemon juice
Rakakat filo pastry rolled and filled with a blend of haloumi, fetta and akkawi cheese, parsley and onion.

These were definitely not worth the wait; both were bland and flavourless. The filo pastry roll should have been listed on the menu as a cheese spring roll cause that roll wasn’t wrapped in filo pastry!

Third course
Sambousik scrumptious moon-shaped pastry, filled with lean minced meat, pine nuts, onion and a delious Lebanese style pomegranate molasses
Fatayer delicious pastry filled with spinach, onion & sumac

al amir

Fourth course
samak bizri fried whitebait
chips and tabouleh, which is made of finely chopped parsley, crushed wheat, and tomato and dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

Both the chips and whitebait were cold, soft and boring. The tabouleh saved this course ever so slightly with the refreshing flavours adding a much needed light freshness compared to previous courses.

al amir

Fifth course
mixed grill: kafta, lamb and chicken
eggplant fatteh layers of bread, eggplant and tahini sauce, filled & topped with chickpeas, roasted pine nuts & dressed with sizzling Jus De Beurre.

We’ve reached our second to last course and the second dish didn’t match what was on the menu – we got served chickpeas instead of the eggplant fatteh. I noticed the difference immediately but was too disinterested to bother or care at this point as the so called feast was a let down by this point of the meal. N and I were looking forward to wrapping up the meal and grabbing ourselves a nice cuppa down Rundle st stat! However, the mixed grill was quite the pleaser; the lamb was tender, juicy and packed a punch of flavour. Same goes for the chicken skewer- the meat moist and delicious. Now, if only the whole meal could’ve been like that!

Sixth course – dessert
Delicate wafers filled with strawberries and cream.

We finished off with “wafers” or more like store bought “tarts” filled with a chopped up strawberry and some cream. I quickly stabbed my strawberry pieces with my fork, gobbled it down and we both quickly left.

I wasn’t too sure about the belly dancer appearing and performing whilst patrons were having their meals, I for one was incredibly uncomfortable and found it hard to eat and converse with my dining companion through the performance and over the loud music. Overall, mediocre food, mediocre service and even with our scoopon, I felt that that was expensive!


Al Amir
217 Rundle Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8232 0144

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-10pm

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4 comments for “Al Amir, Adelaide

  1. Ann
    October 3, 2011 at 3:07 AM

    You have just confirmed what my daughter and her friend said about the quality and taste of the food courtesty of the same scoopon deal. Boring, tasteless and they would not go back. They didn’t even wait for dessert either…….good move, I’d say!

    • dbites
      October 10, 2011 at 6:26 AM

      We left our vouchers behind! Heh. >.<

  2. Ann
    October 10, 2011 at 7:03 AM

    Ouch! That must have hurt! Does that mean you have to go there again? I think I’d give them away – not to a friend, though! :-0

  3. David
    April 10, 2012 at 9:01 PM

    Great write up on a shocking place. Your photos make their food look better than it is. Most disgusting service & food I have ever had – we also left after main and went down the road for desert. Utter disgust.

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