Dozo, Hyde Park [Closed]

Another deal and a cheap one too!

Authentic Japanese cuisine for two! $29 for two entrees, two mains, two soups and salads plus pickles, rice and two Japanese teas! ($65 Value)

Shop front, interior and Miso soup

Love miso soup! Refreshing, flavourful and light. This one in particular was generous with the chunks of tofu and lots of seaweed pieces.

Side dishes of sweet soy sauce potato noodles, edamame beans, Nagoya chicken wings; $9.80, agedashi tofu; $7.80

These chicken wings were AMAZING. They’re deep fried chicken wings dipped in Nagoya flavoured sauce (sake, mirin, japanese soy sauce, etc) and they were delicious!!! A huge generous serving for an entree dish that had C and I licking our fingers to the very end. YUM!!

Rice, salad, chicken and beef teriyaki with vegetables; $17.90 each

By the time our mains came out, we were ready to throw in our towel cause we were so full. So. Much. Food. However, we carried on and attempted to finish off our mains.

We did. Just.

Food was tasty, serving sizes were generous and service – friendly and accommodating. Although it’s a wee bit of a journey getting to Hyde Park, I’d come back for those chicken wings anytime!


3/160 King William Road
Hyde Park SA 5061

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