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What’s a Sydney trip without eating at a Japanese restaurant?! My favourite Japanese place has got to be Wagaya, quality food, fast service and open til the wee hours of the morning. But on this recent trip, it was time to venture out and try something different: Mizuya – a worthy opponent to Wagaya with it’s nifty interactive touche screen menus and individual booths. But what Mizuya has that Wagaya doesn’t is that they have private karaoke rooms! Huzzah!! On this occasion however, there was no karaoke from our team as we ventured down the basement for a quick lunch. So how does the food weigh up?

mizuya, crocodile karaage
Exterior, interior and touch screen menu,
Crocodile karaage: Japanese style deep fried crocodile fillet with chilli shallot served with spicy sauce; $8.80

mizuya, gyoza, udon noodles, sushi
Udon noodles with gyoza and salad, salmon sushi

We browsed the menu via our booths individual touch screen and placed our orders whilst we sat, chatted and waited. It didn’t take long before our hot (and cold) meals were served!

CT opted for something homey and filling with udon, gyoza and salad. The salad dressing was zingy, zappy and zesty! I commented on how it tasted like big mac sauce, but better and lighter. Ha! I ordered a serve of torched salmon sushi hoping it would resemble my favourite aburi salmon from our very own Wasai. The salmon, although torched was not torched long enough to leave a slight charred flavour and colour. The other fillings accompanying the sushi was avocado and cucumber with fish roe and mayo providing some crunch factor (thumbs up) but no sweet soy sauce glaze. 🙁 Maybe I’ve been getting too spoilt at Wasai and expected the same everywhere else. Heh!

After browsing through the menu some more, the crocodile karaage caught our eye so we ordered one serving to share. We both found the meat slightly over done and chewy and the seasoning too salty. We leave the rest untouched. Too bad our stomachs couldn’t fit much else in cause they have ONE DOLLAR green tea soft serves here for take away!!! (If you know me, you know I have a slight obsession with things that are green tea and black sesame. Oh so good.)

However, on a separate occasion as we were passing by Mizuya, we quickly dropped in and got a cone each for the road!

mizuya, green tea ice cream, soft serve, one dollar
Green tea soft serve; $1.00

Mizuya, a worthy opponent to my favourite Wagaya, but personally, Wagaya’s still my favourite. Having said that, Mizuya is definitely still worth a visit and I bet that getting a private karaoke room with a bunch of friends would be a hoot!

Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5


614 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 9266 0866

Opening hours
Sun-Thu 11:30am-midnight
Fri-Sat 11:30am-2am

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