Grace the Establishment, Norwood

TGI Fridays are something I always look forward to! It’s the end of a work week, the beginning of a weekend. The perfect excuse to catch up with friends, let loose and just have a fun and super relaxing weekend! 🙂

A few Fridays ago (still catching up on a heap of back log!), N and I caught up at Grace the Establishment taking advantage of their Friday happy hour deals and their burger combo of: ‘Any two’ burgers, buns or dog + fries $18.00 available all day, every day 😉

We kicked off with a hefty jug of sangria:

grace the establishment
A jug of sangria- Pimm’S No.1: Pimm’s, gin, lime, lemon, orange, mint, cucumber, strawberries, lemonade, dry ginger; normally $25.00 but $15.00 on Fridays during happy hour 5-7PM

Oh. So. Good! Chilled, refreshing and a great thirst quencher! I would’ve gone back for seconds if we didn’t have somewhere to be at 7. 😛

And a quick small bite to satisfy our tummies as we knew we were going to have a late late dinner that night:

grace the establishment
‘Any two’ burgers, buns or dog + fries $18.00 available all day, every day
Korean pork bun: kim chi, chilli, mayonnaise; normally $9.00
Mini wagyu cheese burger: American mustard, house-made pickle, Swiss cheese, tomato ketchup; normally $9.00
French fries, aerated tomato ketchup; normally $6.50

grace the establishment

grace the establishment
Cheeseburger and Korean pork bun

So so yummy albeit a bit small but hey, less calories for the health conscience! The burger casing was sweet, super soft and fluffy. What a delightful mouthful when paired with a juicy meat patty, tangy mustard, pickle, stringy melted cheese and ketchup! It’s not a burger until you pair it with some fries! The shoestring fries were crispy, non greasy and lightly seasoned with salt. A dip in the aerated tomato ketchup gave it an extra zing that was most welcomed! Last but definitely not least, the kim chi pork bun. The pork was incredibly tender and melted with each bite with the kim chi cutting through the fat from the pork with it’s sharp sweet and sour flavour. A very enjoyable bun but I think I would’ve liked it that little much more with one more element to give it another crunch. Maybe lettuce? Cucumber? :)~~

Happy hour at The Grace on Fridays. Get on to it peoples!!

Fantastic place, great atmosphere, lovely decor, ample free parking around Norwood, a beer garden and bar or restaurant dining. See you at The Grace! 😉

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5


Grace the Establishment
127 The Parade
Norwood SA 5067
P 08 8333 1007

Opening hours
Tue–Sun 12pm–2am
Closed Mondays

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