4 Table – Bar Roaster BBQ, Kensington Park [Closed]

A fast and easy Korean lunch was had at 4 Table with C after a brief shopping stint at the newly renovated Burnside Village! Zara, why so pretty?

Our hungry bellies were screaming at us as we walked through the doors and I for one, already knew what we were going to order! Heh..

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Japchae – potato noodles with vegetable noodles in special soy sauce; $13.50
Side dishes and Dolsot bibimbap: mixed rice in hot stone bowl

The japchae was the favourite; the soft slippery clear potato noodles with a variety of julienned vegetables, mushrooms and beef drenched in a light soy sauce – so tasty! The dolsot bibimbap was ok, slightly soggy for our tastes as I don’t think that the stone hot pot was hot enough to crisp the rice that was at the bottom of the bowl (that’s the best part!).

Tasty quick bite! I’d go back for the japchae if cravings were to arise 😉


4 Table Bar Roaster BBQ
402 Magill Road
Kensington Park SA 5068

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