Aldinga Beach getaway

Went away for the weekend with a few girlfriends last week to Aldinga Beach in hopes of winding down and getting some much needed Vitamin D. Too bad the sun hid behind the clouds with brief appearances whilst a handful of us went down to the beautiful beach! Photo spam to follow:

mcdonalds, road trip
A quick pit stop at Maccas to fuel us for the road trip. 😛
McDonald’s Iced coffee frappe, half and half frozen coke and raspberry, french fries and a cheeseburger

wedges, sweet chilli and sour cream
Wedges, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce and prawn crackers

breakfast, toast, eggs, bacon
Breakfast: toast, eggs, bacon, tomato and mushrooms

lunch, smoked salmon
Lunch: bruschetta or proscuito, cream cheese, smoked salmon, beetroot, capers, avocado and salad

Dinner: beef or chicken lasagne, salad and garlic bread

aldinga, road trip

aldinga beach
Aldinga Beach

aldinga beach
Aldinga Beach

carmels, mclaren vale, salmon, salt and pepper squid
Aldinga Beach reef, the beach
Ventured into McLaren Vale for a bite to eat before we headed home.
Dukkah crusted Atlantic Salmon seared then oven baked. Served on Kipfler potatoes with tomatoes, fresh asparagus, hollandaise and drizzled with balsamic glaze; $27.50
Salt and pepper squid served with gourmet salad and tangy lime and orange aioli; $23.50

A relaxing weekend with the ladies! Thanks for organising C and thanks to everyone that came up! xx


Carmels Cafe Bar and Grill
250 Main Road
McLaren Vale 5171
P 08 8323 8038

Opening Hours
Tues-Sun: 10.00am – Late

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