Payneham Chinese Restaurant, Royston Park

yum cha, payneham chinese restaurant
Har gao: prawn dumplings… 3 servings of it!

Anyone else remember the good ol days of yum cha at Gouger Palace?! Extra dumpling points if you do! They closed down at the Gouger Street location years ago but guess what? The owners have actually been up and operating at a different location and under a different name for the last few years! Thanks to a little birdy and some time on my hands, I finally made my way there with Mama D in accompaniment! A decade or two Years ago, the parents were taking me out for yum cha, now the roles are reversed and it’s my turn to take them out! Happy birthday and happy mothers day Mama D! xx

The decor at Payneham Chinese Restaurant is nothing to rave on about. In fact, the atmosphere is quite harsh and uninviting but we’re here for their yum cha and as far back as I can remember, it was damn good. Let’s see if it’s as good as I remembered it to be! There are no trolley carts at this yum cha service, you’re presented with an order sheet so it probably helps if you know the dish names else the provided pictured menu should help. The good thing about this system? Your food is made to order and arrive piping hot as opposed to it sitting on the trolley for multiple circuits around the restaurant or dishes selling out before the trolley reaches your table.

Onwards to our yum cha feast!

The first and mandatory dish at any yum cha outing is the har gao!

Yup, this stuff is legit. Soft, delicate translucent skin covering a generous filling of prawn and bamboo shoots which is sweet, bouncy and piping hot! A heavy handed dip in the chilli oil makes me a happy camper! XD

yum cha, payneham chinese restaurant
Spicy ox tripe, prawns in rice noodles and fried prawn balls covered in croutons

Those crouton fried prawn balls were delightful. I may or may not have had two.

yum cha, payneham chinese restaurant
Mango pudding

Finished off with the mango pudding. Light and refreshing but I suggest you ask them not to pour the milk concoction on top of the pudding cause that.. I did not like. It’s runny, watery and tasteless. (If you’d like the option, I suppose you can ask them to have the ‘milk’ on the side)

A very good yum cha feed; so so satisfying! It’ll be my go to yum cha feed from here on in methinks! :)~~

Food: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Value: 3.5/5
Ambience: 2/5


Payneham Chinese Restaurant
307 Payneham Road
Royston Park SA 5070
P 08 8363 6883

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4 comments for “Payneham Chinese Restaurant, Royston Park

  1. Jacqui
    May 21, 2012 at 4:48 AM

    I LOVE Payneham Chinese! Food is great, including their yum cha. Their meat rolls wrapped in bean curd skin are the meatiest I’ve ever had, and I love grabbing a takeaway combination chow mein on the way home! And, the best thing is, it’s only 1km away from where I live!

    • dee
      May 22, 2012 at 1:13 AM

      Looks like I need to get myself back there and try their bean curd skin wraps! Cheers 🙂

  2. bon appetit
    February 26, 2014 at 10:01 PM

    I had diinner with the family there tonight.

    chicken sweet corn soup
    hot & sour soup
    tofu combination soup

    Crispy skin chicken
    sweet & sour pork
    chinese broccoli stir fried in garlic sauce

    All the soups looked very good.
    The hot & sour soup in particular stood out. The flavour was balanced.
    The tofu combination soup was rather bland, but it had the right mix of tofu and prawns.

    The crispy skin chicken was not crispy enough and needed a dipping dish of salt & pepper to give it the old fashion flavour that I am use to. But the portion was good and we could not finish it all.
    The sweet & sour pork was good. Crunchy and firm did not get too soggy after sitting in the sauce. The flavour was good.
    The veggie dish was superb. The garlic sauce struck the right balance between the sweet & sour and the salt & pepper dish.

    Overall, I would go back to this restaurant as the food is decent. Service is ordinary bordering on pedestrian and the ambience…what ambience. I will go back to try the yum cha based on the yum cha reviews.

    Including tea and a can of coke the cost was $65
    Closed on Tuesdays.

    • dee
      February 27, 2014 at 2:22 PM

      Great review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’ve never had dinner there before but have heard that they do a cheap and tasty feed. 🙂

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