Pearl’s Diner, Felixstow [Closed]

Look who’s on a roll with back to back blog posts! I’ve got so much backlog so it’s time to sort through it all and pump it out before I hit a dry spell again.

So there’s a new kid in the burbs on the block – Pearl’s Diner! A collaboration between the peeps at Burger Theory and La Waffle resulted in this modern American diner in the burbs (Felixstow) which is just a short distance away from the city centre. If you’ve been trolling Facebook you may have seen something in relation to it pop up on your feed.. they’ve only been since early June (?) but have accumulated close to 1,300 likes – clever marketing with the use of social media and word of mouth I say – and hey, the food must be good to cultivate that much buzz – I know the burgers are!

Opening days and hours are limited but be sure to check their Facebook and twitter to get the latest on when you can nab yourself a seat!

pearl's diner
Unassuming shop front and front bar counter

pearl's diner

As we past Pearl’s Diner unassuming shop front and through the doors, we’re greeted with a bright and open space with a vibrant mural on their wall and wooden tables and chairs with an array of condiments on each table. Even their sugar jar and wooden spoon(?) is cute!

pearl's diner
Coffee milkshake; $6.00

Arriving early meant I was in dire need of a caffeine fix. Their tea selections piqued my interest but I settle for the coffee milkshake instead. It’s good, thick and creamy – just how you want a milkshake to be.

pearl's diner
Burger #1 with hand-cut chips; $13.00

What’s the point of heading to Pearl’s Diner and not ordering their famous burgers right? C actually preferred it more from the burger theory truck and L, seeing that it was his first BT experience, thought it was a bit overrated. Blasphemy! I’ll have to take him for a round 2, possibly hunt down the Burger Theory truck and let him experience the real deal. Oh, and those hand cut chips… didn’t look hand cut?

Cause they weren’t. 😛 Reason why, go here. Twitter is so awesome, no?

pearl's diner
Texas style chilli served with cornbread; $16.00

I decided to opt for something different: their chilli. Looking back, I ask myself ‘Why?’ Oh right, cause I wanted to try something different. Yes, it was nice, but it was a bit too much by the fourth spoonful. There’s not much textural contrast so after a while, it got… boring. I should’ve gone for a burger… or their fried chicken. Or if their chilli came in a smaller serving size, I could’ve had BOTH! Now I’m just being greedy.

Thinking of heading to Pearls? I think you should order their burgers – they know burgers. Oh, and leave room for dessert! The smell of waffles wafting through the air literally taunts you but on this occasion, we had no stomach room for it. I’ll be back. And I know what I’ll be ordering second time around. 😉


Pearl’s Diner
38A Briar Road
Felixstow SA 5070

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3 comments for “Pearl’s Diner, Felixstow [Closed]

  1. Sonya
    July 4, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    Went here with my sister while I was in town. I was a bit concerned as she refuses to line up for petrol! Bit of a wait but the food is amazing. I’ll be dreaming about it until my next trip to Adelaide. A dyne fried chicken is just beautiful!

    • dee
      July 5, 2012 at 2:25 AM

      Glad to hear that you braved the wait and had a wonderful experience! I’m planning my next visit already and hope to try their chicken and waffles. Mmmm! Thanks for dropping by. 😉

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