British India, Adelaide

If you haven’t experienced Indian food, I suggest you try the Thali Room at British India.

If you have experienced Indian food, I suggest you try the Thali Room at British India.

The Thali Room is an extension room to the British India restaurant on Morphett Street where they strictly serve thali platters, aka a traditional tasting platter. Imagine a Japanese bento box, only everything about it is Indian.

british india, the thali room
Lychee cocktail; $13.00

There is a minimum spend of $22 per head food charge but this quota is easily met with each person ordering a thali platter priced at $22 per platter. Easy does it. πŸ™‚ They have a variety of platters including the ever so popular choices of butter chicken or vindaloo. Vegetarian options are available as well!

british india, the thali room
Shimla thali (tikka masala): sauteed chicken tikka with onion, tomato, chilli, garlic and ginger served with vegetable curry, chicken tikka salad, dahl (lentils), mango chutney, rice and naan bread; $22.00

The best part of the thali platter? You get to try a bit of everything. Everything. Having not eaten for close to 10 hours on this particular evening (early brunch, late dinner), by the time my thali platter was set down before my very hungry eyes, I dug in! There was no time for ladylike etiquette when I was that ravenous and starving to say the least. Heh! I really enjoyed the tikka masala, the chicken pieces were incredibly tender coated in a thick chunky sauce paired with rice and naan bread, each mouthful being alternated between the two carbs on offer. πŸ˜› The vegetable curry was a hit with everyone, it was the first curry on my platter to disappear. Oh so good! The mango chutney provided a nice “sweet” and “cold” touch to counter the other (spicy) elements on the platter, but do take caution cause it is a bit too sweet.

Great food and great location with nearby bars and lounges (Lotus Lounge, Sangria) or dessert places (Mother’s Crepe, Gelatissimo) to cap off the evening.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5


British India
270-276 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8212 2411

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