Tomodachi, Adelaide [Closed]

Ever have one of those days where you don’t have lunch prepared so you opt to eat out during your lunch break.

Where to for a quick, cheap and tasty lunch factoring a few limitations such as being short on time, a roaring belly and a light wallet?

My answer? China town food court.

tomodachi, chinatown food court

One of my favourite and fool proof cheap eats is at Tomodachi formerly known as ‘Domotachi‘. It can be found in the old food court, far back corner besides the yum cha stall. Browse their menu via ‘lifelike’ food replicas in their display window and put your order through. They’ll hand you a number whilst you scout your surroundings and zone in on a free table and wait till they call out your number for pick up. Once you collect your meal, navigate towards the utensils and condiments corner, stock up with a paired of chopsticks, spoon, fork, knife, serviette and a generous heap of chilli on the side for good measure. well.. take what you need but I like to keep my options open. 😉

tomodachi, chinatown food court, teriyaki salmon, miso soup
Salmon teriyaki served with rice, miso soup, potato salad and lettuce with dressing; $9.50

The salmon flesh was incredibly moist with a good lashing of teriyaki on the skin. The sides were great accompaniments; fresh crunchy lettuce with a light tangy dressing, a cold potato salad and warm miso soup to wash it all down.

tomodachi, chinatown food court
Tori mayo served with rice, miso soup, potato salad and lettuce with dressing; $8.80

Lunch for less than $10 with change to spare? Awesome!


95 Moonta Street
Chinatown Adelaide SA 5000

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