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Made time and ventured out to the very popular Dessert Story on Gouger Street. Psst, good luck on getting a table cause the venue is generally stuffed to the brim on a weekend night! The popular Taiwanese/Hong Kong dessert franchise is scattered throughout Melbourne and now we’ve finally got our very own in good ol’ Adelaide.

dessert story
Mock library book shelf decor print and red lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Known for their taro and herbal jelly desserts, we should have tried them but instead, we opted for something a bit more ‘safe’ to start off with but we’ll eventually give their popular items a go another time.

Green tea was always going to be a winner for the pair of us so this monster of a dessert prevailed on the night!

dessert story
Green tea snow ice with red bean and chocolate; $9.90

So light and oh so refreshing! The shaved snow ice was so fine and delicate that it literally melted away on the tongue. The green tea ice cream was creamy and fragrant; the lashing of chocolate sauce and sweet soft mushy red beans were welcomed components and flavour combos to the dish. Presentation wise – not the prettiest thing but the taste makes up for it!


Made another visit to Dessert Story during lunch (heh!), and decided to give one of their herbal jelly desserts a whirl:

dessert story
#26 Herbal jelly, taro, red beans and pearls (cold); $6.80

A rather large sized bowl of herbal jelly, taro chunks, red beans, pearls and ice was placed before me within no time. Refreshingly light, sweet and texturally interesting. There isn’t much of a distinct flavour so to speak, more of a play on textures. Slippery jelly, dense taro pieces, soft mushed up red beans and chewy pearls. A tasty and different dessert; perfect for a hot summers day! Now that daylight savings is here, bring on the heat and sunshine!

Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5


Dessert Story
118 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
P 03 9560 8887

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