Burger Theory: ARTBURGER #6/6 :: Quandong Burger

Burger Theory Art Burger challenge over! Done and dusted… and I’ll admit it, I think I’m burgered out (at least for the rest of the year)! Is there such a thing?

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Chris Edser’s “Quandong Burger” AKA Burger Theory’s “SA Burger”; $12.00

The final burger was loaded with heaps of stuff from SA. The freaking awesome and delicious chutney was made from quandong from Tumby Bay with some pink ladys and honey from the Hills and an assortment of aromatics (ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg etc). Have I told you how much I love a good chutney?! Not only did it have chutney, but it had fresh rocket leaves and cheese; a full flavoured Jersey milk “Charleston Brie” from Woodside Cheese Wrights that was so melty and rich. All elements had to be had within one bite, else the chutney was too sweet without the brie, and the brie too strong and rich without the chutney. A slightly messy and drippy burger with most of my chutney being collected at the bottom of the bag but well worth it! Only available until the end of the week folks, get onto it! 😉

This baby may or may not have been the best burger of the lot. I’m still deciding between the quandong, the luchador or the be friendly burger! And ironically, I think the Luchador may have been my ultimate favourite… am I a MexiCAN after all?!

And a revisit to the previous 5 burgers:
ARTBURGER #1: Be Friendly burger
ARTBURGER #2: Ghetto burger
ARTBURGER #3: Shizzle burger
ARTBURGER #4: Ankles burger
ARTBURGER #5: Luchador burger

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5


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