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the pot food and wine

Dinner date with the stranger at The Pot Food & Wine, but cause we’re an indecisive duo, a late booking resulted in a seat by the bar. We started our night off with a glass of red each as recommended by Carlos behind the counter; I also requested for a citrus, light and refreshing cocktail for myself and the dude behind the counter whipped this beauty up:

the pot food and wine
Yum tang gwa cocktail: cucumber infused vodka, lemon, agave, mint; $15.00

Refreshing cocktail which was light with citrus notes and not too sweet. The perfect chilled palate cleanser which was thoroughly enjoyed and savoured down to the last drop throughout the length of our meal.

We started off with a heap of small dishes to share…

the pot food and wine
Pot’s truffled beef tartare, quail egg and toast; $15.50
Tempura Moreton Bay bugs, chilli salt, ponzu dressing; $26.00

Now, this was a steak tartare done extremely well. So much flavour with a good seasoning of salt, two golden quail egg yolks binding it together; and paired harmoniously with the provided crunchy toast. A little extra freshness would have gone down a treat, but maybe I’m just being picky and comparing this lovely dish to the one at Press* which had thin fresh slices of radish and crispy potato crisps. Overall, still a winning start to the night! Mmmm~

The tempura Moreton Bay bugs were amazing. The light crunchy batter encased a plump and juicy morsel of meat, teamed with ponzu dressing and chilli salt that gave it a punch of temporary heat and zing. Very, very good!

the pot food and wine
Pan seared scallops, morcilla, pork crackling and pea puree (3); $18.00

Scallops, one of my favourite things from the sea! These were perfectly cooked, succulent and plump with a light sear on the outside; the pea puree was of a vibrant green, silkily smooth and sweet. The morcilla slice was divine and added another textural and aesthetic appeal to the dish with bits of crunch from the pork crackling that I hardly notice was there. πŸ˜› Lovely presentation too! πŸ™‚

Next up, their popular buns aka pot buns:

the pot food and wine
All 4 buns; $32.00

Mushrooms, truffle, watercress; $8.50
Prawn & kimchi; $9.50
Duck, cucumber, spring onion & hoi sin; $9.50
Pork, watercress & kewpie; $8.50

Eenie meenie minie mo.. which one to have first?? We worked backwards cause we’re unconventional that way.. πŸ™‚

First up, the pork: a juicy piece of meat with a crunchy slaw and watercress and a healthy dob of kewpie mayo which I found to be too rich and creamy for my tastes. Some apple slices or batons in the slaw would have added a welcomed crunch and sweetness I thought. The duck bun was enjoyable with a good balance of flavours with the fresh cucumber and hoisin sauce – I wish there was a smidgen more but that aside, still very good.. The prawn and kim chi bun was my least favourite as I found the kim chi overwhelming and overpowered the bun as a whole, but in amidst of it all, the prawn was still plump and fresh. Surprisingly, we saved the best for last: the mushrooms and truffle with watercress pot bun. So much flavour and textures.. just so damn good. This pot bun will definitely be ordered again once I make a revisit to The Pot and don’t let the size of the pot buns deceive you! They were incredibly filling (all that bread!); and once we finished the platter, we were beyond stuffed and still had a main to go! Phew.. buckle up.. or in our case, loosen those buckles!

the pot food and wine
Blue swimmer crab and chilli, hand cut pappardelle; $28.00

Does this dish look familiar? πŸ™‚ Yup, it’s the same one as the one at Press* and was just as good! I suspect The Pot Food & Wine and Press* may be brother/sister restaurants. πŸ˜‰

The good and bad thing with sitting by the bar was that we got to spy on every single dish that came out of the kitchen. Bad thing was, we wanted to try everything that came out cause it looked soooo good! We caught our eyes on a croquette dish that I identified to be their corn and coriander fritters with chilli jam $14.00 but the stranger insisted that they were the barramundi wings. The stranger won this time around so we made stomach space for a serving of barramundi wings.

the pot food and wine
Pepper crusted barramundi wings, soy, chilli, shallot dressing; $8.00 each

Turns out that I was right :P, the croquettes that we spied on were the fritters and as a result we ordered the wrong dish to push us over the peak of being ‘stuffed’! That aside, the barramundi wings were cooked perfectly with a thin pepper crust; the meat was super succulent and juicy with an Asian dressing of soy sauce, ginger and chilli that balanced the flavours out nicely.

And to think that we still had room for dessert…

the pot food and wine
Passionfruit souffle; $14.00

We ended off with a passionfruit souffle – light, fluffy and airy goodness that bordered on being a bit too sweet for my liking but the accompanied vanilla cream helped cut through the sweetness.

What an epic and delectable meal, fantastic service from Carlos and his team in a relaxing and comfortable environment! πŸ˜€


The Pot Food & Wine
160 King William Road
Hyde Park SA 5061
P 08 8373 2044

Opening hours
Tue-Fri 12pm-Late
Sat 8am-Late
Sun 8am-12pm

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  1. Christian Rene Friborg
    November 23, 2012 at 2:04 AM

    Look at that Pepper crusted barramundi wings, soy, chilli, shallot dressing!! AMAZING! Drooling while reading this post! LOL. Keep it coming, mate! πŸ™‚

    • dee
      November 26, 2012 at 1:14 AM

      Cheers! Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚

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