El Toro Espanol, Semaphore

After a relatively enjoyable experience at El Toro a few months back, we thought we’d give it another go but on an empty stomach second time around.

el toro
Sangria and Grolsch beer

We got ordering and ended up with an array of tapas to share:

el toro
L-R Clockwise
Bbq rare beef with olive oil, garlic and fresh parsley; $7.50
Chorizo croquettes; $6.90
Chorizo fritos: lightly fried chorizo sausage; $4.90
Morcilla: black pudding fried with onion and olive oil; $4.90
Champinones: mushrooms sauteed with garlic and sherry; $4.00
Vegetarian croquettes; $5.90
Patatas alioli: crispy fried potatoes topped with house aioli; $4.90

This place had so much promise and we were really looking forward to a good feed after enjoying what we ordered on our first visit, but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to our expectations during our dinner visit. Most, if not all the tapas were heavily salted and ‘flat’ in terms of flavour and texture. The ‘better’ tapas of the night was the bbq rare beef, cooked just right with simple and clean flavours. The general rule of thumb was that 7-8 tapas was enough to feed 2 people but we left feeling dissatisfied and our bellies were still grumbling (more so the stranger than myself. 😉 ).

The stranger gave it a third shot a few days later ordering their other tapas (seafood) just to make sure that we didn’t have a dud night but the results came in, and we didn’t. Took us 3 visits to figure that one out!

So readers, any recommendations on where to get some amazing Spanish tapas in our little city of Adelaide? 🙂


El Toro Español
39A Semaphore Road
Semaphore SA 5019
P 08 8449 1949

Opening hours
Mon-Tue Closed
Wed-Thu 5pm-8.30pm
Fri 5pm-9.30pm
Sat-Sun 12pm-3pm, 5pm-9.30pm

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3 comments for “El Toro Espanol, Semaphore

  1. Ann
    December 19, 2012 at 3:52 AM

    Sorry no, go to Melbourne :p
    The sangria looks incredibly dull too!

    • dee
      December 19, 2012 at 4:17 AM

      Yeah… we desperately need a MoVida here !

      • Cristina
        September 15, 2013 at 4:14 PM

        Have any of you actually eaten tapas in Spain or is it the Australian interpretation of tapas that you hunger for? The Spanish are not ones for tizzying up their food or service, no molecular gastronomy is found in the suburban backstreets rather it is simple honest food with lashings of salt and olive oil.
        That is exactly what I experienced in El Toro today.
        I’m sorry but you really lost me with the giant picture of grolsch beer…. Perhaps poffertjes would be a better choice

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