Weekend bites: Swedish Tarts Patisserie and Devour Dessert Bar

Swedish Tarts Patisserie

Dropped into Swedish Tarts Patisserie a few weekends ago with a handful of friendly folk looking forward to a decent feed based on the fact that Swedish Tarts was generally packed to the brim every time we passed. Unfortunately for the majority of our group, we thought that our meals were a complete let down. Not only were they super slow with bringing food out but my ‘Farmers’ 3 egg omelette served on toasted homemade bread with smoked ham, potato and vegetables; $12.00 was abysmally bland, it lacked any flavour and was texturally boring. The stranger’s big fat Swedish pancake with crispy fried bacon served with lingonberry jam; $12.00 sounded more promising with the crispy fried bacon and all, but nope, that was more of a disaster than my farmers omelette. The thick pancake just tasted like butter, a buttered flavoured pancake and the lightly pan fried looking bacon did little to relieve the richness nor did the lingonberry jam. The presentation was nowhere near appealing either… maybe that’s why I forgot to take any photos – which was quite uncharacteristic for a foodie! Psst… if it says crispy fried bacon, let it be crispy fried bacon. The ones that are so fried and crispy and shrivelled up that it breaks to the touch. C’s smoked salmon on scrambled eggs served on toasted homemade bread topped with a dill/garlic dressing; $12.00 didn’t get much love either. :/

Swedish Tarts Patisserie
40 Semaphore Road
Semaphore SA 5019
P 08 7225 0205

Opening hours
Mon-Wed 7am-5pm
Thu-Sun 7am-8pm

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Devour Dessert Bar

Devour Dessert Bar is generally a hit or miss for me, and with an ever changing menu, it’s hard to tell whether it’ll be a good or bad experience with the food. Fortunately, we lucked out on our visit this time around! 🙂

Ring of fire – Mango bombe alaska

The right amount of ‘char’ on the meringue with the novelty still intact with the ring of fire around the plate and not directly on the dessert itself! On all occasions where I’ve ordered the bombe alaska and the dessert has been set alight, it always… always burns to a black charcoal char and unevenly too. :/ The mango bombe alaska was lovely with well balanced flavours and textures; something that the team at Dessert Devour Bar has excelled at. You may have noticed that with all their desserts, there’s a play on textures with something soft and light, and a side of crunch to play up each bite ;). The same rule applied to the bombe alaska with the light airiness of the soft meringue, the creamy cold ice cream and the crunch of the sweet crumbs made each mouthful a playful and delightful one.

Peach creme brulee

A simple favourite of mine, creme brulee with one of my favourite stone fruits, poached peaches.

Devour Dessert Bar
96 Prospect Road
Prospect 5082
P 0411 536 343
T http://twitter.com/devour_DB

Opening hours
Mon Closed
Tue–Thu 6pm–10:30pm
Fri–Sun 6pm–11pm

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4 comments for “Weekend bites: Swedish Tarts Patisserie and Devour Dessert Bar

  1. Ann
    January 2, 2013 at 8:20 AM

    Thanks for the heads up re Swedish Tarts. I have been to Devour 3 times and loved it all 3 times. The Donuts.

  2. January 6, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    This looks amazing. Did not know about this place, can’t wait to try it now

  3. November 30, 2013 at 9:18 AM

    I love Swedish Tarts, but I always get the flat breads. They are amazing.

    • dee
      December 5, 2013 at 4:36 PM

      I think I might have to give them another go as I’ve been told that they’re really really good! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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