Aroma Japanese Cuisine Restaurant, Adelaide [Closed]

Remember that stinking hot day in Adelaide when temperatures hit 44degC?! Yeah.. that day! We ventured into the city for a light fresh feed hoping to secure a spot at sushi train. Well, it turned out that a lot of people had the same idea and the place was full. We were happy to wait it out (first ones in line) but the deal breaker was that their air conditioning broke down so the place was super duperly humid and the air was thick and heavy. Our plan B was to just head across the street to Aroma to satisfy our sushi cravings at the all you can eat eatery upstairs.

aroma, all you can eat sushi
Seaweed salad, salmon salad, salmon sushi, smoked salmon handroll and rainbow roll

There were rules. A few of them. Things to know:

  • 3 all you can eat options: $18.80, $28.80 and $38.80. The more expensive, the more variety of choices from the menu.
  • 2 hour time limit.
  • Order as you go so you don’t over order as each sushi piece left over was charged at $3.00 per piece.
  • Rice to filling ratio was ridonk.. you have been warned!
  • The seaweed salad saw a teaspoon of seaweed on a massive mound of lettuce and onion slivers. Same thing with the salmon salad. (see pics for reference)
  • Place was run by Chinese people and service was a bit willy nilly. The language barrier was a bit testing.
  • We ordered the lobster sushi and the order went through the first time around. However when we tried to order it the second time around, we were informed that they had ‘run out’ of lobster. We tried our luck again on our third order, and the waitress happily obliged and the order went through… Miscommunication between the floor staff and kitchen perhaps?
  • I tried ordering the eel sushi but was told that it was unavailable but then the table opposite us received the ‘unavailable’ eel sushi minutes after. =/
  • The takoyaki was stodgy and thick with hardly any octopus pieces. We discovered one tiny piece in one takoyaki ball out of the 3 we were given. It was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.
  • Gyoza dumplings were ok, nothing special.
  • Aburi salmon, or what they referred to it as the ‘torched salmon’ was lack lustre and nothing that I’m used to. Where was the mayo, or the sweet soy.. or even the sprinkle of chives? But let’s admit it, nothing beats the aburi salmon roll from Wasai. Nothing.
  • Hand rolls were huge and tightly stuffed with rice – so steer clear.

Psst… Aroma sushi, we definitely won’t be back! Nor would we go to an ‘all you can eat sushi’ bar ever again – or at least for a very very very long time. We left the premises with bellies burstingly full, mainly packed with rice. Too much rice. Stick with your good ol sushi train or my fav – Wasai although getting a table there can be a pain in the butt so bookings are essential!


Aroma Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
4/31-39 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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2 comments for “Aroma Japanese Cuisine Restaurant, Adelaide [Closed]

  1. Ann
    January 20, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    No thanks. They won’t last long in business, if that’s their usual standard.

    • dee
      October 21, 2013 at 12:14 PM

      You hit the nail on the head! I walked past this place over the weekend, it’s been transformed into a Chinese hot pot place now.

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