The Loose Caboose, Hindmarsh

Finally made it here… took me long enough too. A brief brunch date with the ladies over coffee and a small bite at The Loose Caboose – Bowden’s train station renovated into a funky cafe.

the loose caboose
Tasty delights in their front counter, line up at the door, line up at the counter, soy latte; $3.50

Expect to wait on arrival as this place is generally full and there’s always a line up (on my weekend visits anyway). They have still and sparkling water on a self serve tap (awesome!) and a rather tasty menu with extra tasty delights in their front counter cabinets filled with salads, tarts, quiches and sweet pastries.

the loose caboose
Train watching, a trio of hanging lights,
Grilled lamb focaccia: spiced braised lamb shoulder, tomato, cucumber and parsley salad with a yoghurt dressing; $15.50
BLet: bacon, rocket, provolone, tomato and poached egg; $10.50

The BLet, small and simple with a punch of flavours. The melted provolone on top of the bacon looked sublime with it’s golden crust and the poached egg was delightful. A small jab into the egg and the molten yolk cascaded down the BLet like a slow thick dripping waterfall. Some freshness and crunch from the rocket leaves and juicy sweet tomato to round up each mouthful. Nice little thing to kick off the morning and line one’s stomach for the day ahead.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5


The Loose Caboose
21 First Street
Hindmarsh SA 5007
P 08 8340 0809

Opening hours
7 days 7am-4pm

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