Sydney bites: Lorraine’s Patisserie, Gumshara Ramen, Chanoma Cafe and Hurricane’s Grill

The Queens Birthday long weekend saw us jet setting over to good ol’ Sydney for a mini gastronomical foodie crawl around the CBD. Ahhhh, it was so good to be back! The fast paced moving lifestyle, tall buildings and people navigating their way around the city with a purpose gave me flashbacks of my time in NYC. I can definitely see why Sydney siders always compare the two.

We were there for a handful of days and our itinerary was filled with foodie spots and a touch of shopping; I’m still recovering from my USA trip! >.< sydney

The red eye flight allowed us to avoid the early morning peak hour crowd whilst we pondered around the city. Comfortable shoes were a must! I thought my comfy looking flats would be sufficient but I underestimated them and as a result, a quick pit stop was made at the closest convenient store so I could pad my feet up in bandaids! Heh!

sydney, lorraines patisserie
Ham and cheese croissant; $5.00

We pondered around The Ivy and after turning down an alleyway, we came upon a small corner patisserie: Lorraine’s Patisserie. The front counter sat a few steps away from the doorway, which housed a variety of tarts, cakes, pastries and slices with more sweet treats on display by the windows. We weren’t too taken away by what was on display but wanted a small bite after such an early wake up call and ordered the ham and cheese croissant. Whilst we waited for the croissant to be toasted, we watched the small team of bakers in the open kitchen work their magic – methodically and with such care. So much love in those baked goodies I tells ya!!

5 minutes later and the croissant was done. AAQEUAVNKAGVA! That’s english for thisisthebesthamandcheesecroissant ever!! We smashed it. And, the stranger doesn’t even like cheese! The croissant was perfection – I’m just trying to imagine how amazing a perfect croissant would taste in Paris! The pastry was super light and flaky with hints of butter and the ham and cheese was so freaking deakingly good. The cheese was melted at the perfect temperature that didn’t burn your tongue or ooze and drip out of the croissant, and the ham provided a nice saltiness that balanced out the richness of the croissant and cheese. Seriously amazing stuff. So good that we came back the second day and got another one! PS. I still have dreams about this croissant and salivate by the mere mention of it. Yup – it’s THAT good! It made me wonder how amazing their sweet treats would’ve tasted like if that unassuming ham and cheese croissant had us coming back for more.

Lorraine’s Patisserie
Shop 5 Palings Lane
320 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 9254 8009

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 8.30am–6.30pm
Sat 9am-4pm
Sun Closed

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After marathoning ‘The Mind of a Chef’ with David Chang from a few weeks back, the stranger had one thing on his mind: ramen.

Watch and you’ll understand why:

Slurping hot, hearty and soupy goodness in THIS freezing weather… who wouldn’t want some of that?!

After going to my trust friend: Google, I narrowed down a few popular ramen haunts in the Sydney CBD with the rule being, ‘if we’re in the same vicinity of a ramen house and we’re hungry, we’re going in’.

sydney, gumshara
Pork spare rib ramen; $15.50

And so we went in. In to ‘Eating World Food Court’ at the end of China town for some traditional style ramen at the super popular haunt: Gumshara. With a rating of 89% from a whopping 604 votes to date on urbanspoon, I was expecting the bees knees of ramen to grace my taste buds and warm my belly. Unfortunately this was not to be for the both of us. We found the ramen noodles to be scorching hot but the super SUPER SUPER rich fatty pork bone soup to be cool in comparison, almost as if it was at room temperature. The rich pork broth was fatty and super intense in that with every mouthful of ramen noodles, we were left with a film of fat covering our lips and in the inside of our mouths. Our poor arteries, I felt as if they were getting clogged with every slurp/mouthful. I couldn’t help but constantly turn to my left and eye the brightly lit sign saying ‘ best Hainan chicken rice’ cause boy, I would’ve happily traded my ramen bowl for a simple good ol’ Hainan chicken rice.

We admitted defeat and only got through half our bowls coming to a conclusion that we shall stick with the 2 minute ramen noodle variety (Shin Ramyun being our favourite go-to) from here onwards shall a ramen craving ever creep on us again. Maybe our taste buds weren’t made for real ramen aye?

Gumshara Ramen
Eating World Harbour Plaza
Shop 211 25-29 Dixon Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P 0410 253 180

Opening hours
Sun-Mon 11.30am-8.30pm
Tue-Sat 11.30am-9pm

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Onto a better treat for our taste buds, a heavy dosage of green tea goodness to put a smile on my face (and his too)! Hidden inside Regent Place (enter via George Street) is Chanoma Cafe: a Japanese cafe specialising in green tea delights from hot matcha lattes to matcha floats and a green tea dessert extravaganza called the matcha shiratam parfait; $9.50: matcha soft ice cream with rice cakes, sweet azuki bean paste, chocolate Pocky sticks, cornflakes, fresh fruit, whipped cream and green tea syrup. I made the discovery of this green tea gem via Jenius’ blog and within a heartbeat, it got plonked onto our foodie itinerary.

chanoma cafe, green tea float, matcha
Matcha soft serve float; $6.00

So glad we made our way there cause the matcha soft serve float that I got was purely bomb (diggity)! One sip and I was sold! A strong green tea hit with the soft serve being a darker shade of green than what I’ve had previously (must be the real stuff!). DELICIOUS. Best six bucks ever. If you think the green tea frappe is worth raving on about from Starbucks, I suggest you try this baby at Chanoma Cafe and you’ll never look back, and you’ll thank me in the process too! 😉 We also ordered one of their Japanese fusion hot dogs and a bucket of shake fries with soy butter and seaweed flakes; $4.40. The fries were delectable, oh so buttery and crispy with hints of seaweed flakes. YUM! Think Maccas fries but ten times better with better flavour and less oil too!

Chanoma Cafe
Regent Place
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
P 02 9767 5465

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A must visit eatery when in Sydney is Hurricanes for their famous pork ribs! Seriously. After the disastrous ribs we had at Plant 13, we needed to cancel and erase that experience out with a full rack of deliciousness.

sydney, hurricanes, ribs
Mojito: Havana Club Anejo 7yo, mint, lime, sugar and soda; $15.00
Mussels: cooked in a creamy garlic sauce with bread fingers for dipping; $17.00
Hurricane’s full rack pork ribs: basted in Hurricane’s rib basting then grilled until tender served with baked potato with sour cream and chives; $44.90

We ordered a starter of mussels to commence our evening. It smelt amazingly good when it came to our table but 5 mussels later and it was gone. Not quite sure it was worth the price tag but we’re primarily here for their ribs. And the ribs were done perfectly. The meat was incredibly juicy and tender and fell straight off the bone with ease, the sauce was sweet and tangy and was generously lathered on. I was still on my first rib whilst the stranger was tackling his fourth. Haha!

By the way, make sure you make a booking when visiting Hurricane’s no matter what day you visit or expect a lengthy wait! We got a few ‘stare downs’ when we walked through with our booking from bystanders waiting for a table to free up. 😛

Hurricane’s Grill
Harbourside Shopping Centre
Shops 433-436 Level 2
Darling Harbour Sydney 2000
P 02 9211 2210

Opening hours
Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm, 5pm-late
Sun and public holidays 12pm-late

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sydney, darling harbour, vivid
Vivid light show – amazing stuff Sydney!


4 comments for “Sydney bites: Lorraine’s Patisserie, Gumshara Ramen, Chanoma Cafe and Hurricane’s Grill

  1. June 22, 2013 at 10:54 AM

    O.M.G at Chanoma Cafe, I absolutely adore green tea anything and have extreme green tea withdrawal symptoms after leaving Japan. Going to put this on my Sydney food itinerary 😉 The ribs look so amazing too *drools*

    P.S loving the new look of your site, so pretty 🙂

    • dee
      June 24, 2013 at 9:29 AM

      Yes, do put it on your itinerary! It is soooooooo good! Hope you have fun whilst you’re there. And thanks! 🙂

  2. Bell
    July 17, 2013 at 8:42 AM

    Gumshara Ramen gets quite a bit of hype and are known for their abnormally thick soups. Just wanted to let you know that REAL ramen doesn’t actually have soup quite that thick and in my opinion are much better tasting than what Gumshara offers.

    I hope you’re not turned off ramen and give ramen a go again. Next time I suggest trying On Ramen or Ramen Kan, both located in Haymarket 🙂

    • dee
      July 17, 2013 at 9:05 AM

      Ahh thanks! I’m pretty sure that I’ll get a hankering for ramen again and when I do, I’ll know where to go when in Sydney! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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