Ginger’s Coffee Studio & Vintage Lounge Bar, Goodwood

Gingers Coffee Studio and Vintage Lounge Bar
Front exterior

Late lunching with the ladies and a lazy afternoon of coffee and chit chat at Ginger’s on Goodwood Road.

Gingers Coffee Studio and Vintage Lounge Bar
Water and glasses

A large cafe slash vintage lounge bar with lots of seating but none available for the trio of us on our arrival. A short wait later and we were seated and an order of coffees were taken: 1 soy chai latte, 1 chai latte and a soy latte.

Gingers Coffee Studio and Vintage Lounge Bar, soy latte
Soy latte

Gingers Coffee Studio and Vintage Lounge Bar
Salad of roast pumpkin and snow pea with tomato, pickled red onion, feta, toasted almonds and a citrus dressing; $14.00

A colourful plate of vibrant colours and fresh crisp ingredients with a light citrus dressing that I thought the salad needed more of. I also found the roast pumpkin cold as if they took it out straight from the fridge; and it lacked any char, colour or flavour from the ‘roasting’.

Gingers Coffee Studio and Vintage Lounge Bar
The Goodwood tart: caramelised onion, roasted tomato and goat’s cheese tart with romesco sauce and a light salad; $17.00

Gingers Coffee Studio and Vintage Lounge Bar
The Goodwood tart after the salad tower got knocked down

Another colourful dish; this time, C’s order of the Goodwood tart. The verdict was that the tart was good, but not big enough to sate her appetite. A golden and flaky pastry on a bright romesco sauce and a light mound of salad on top of it all. Looks like the same salad as mine minus the roast pumpkin I’d say.

Gingers Coffee Studio and Vintage Lounge Bar
Pork and apple scotch egg with home made piccalilli; $17.00

I was really hoping for the egg in the scotch egg to have an oozy golden runny yolk but ’tis not the case. A fully cooked egg in the centre of the scotch egg with a pork and apple mince surrounding it and a crusty fried outer layer served with home made piccalilli (a relish of chopped pickled vegetables and spices) and a few sprigs of crispy watercress. T gave the scotch egg an okay but wasn’t a fan of the piccalilli.

Ginger’s offers a nice and relaxing venue that transforms into a vintage lounge bar at night. A great spot for a casual drink after work or with mates on the weekend or a quick brunch/lunch catch up to nurse those pesky hang overs. 😉

Food: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5


Ginger’s Coffee Studio & Vintage Lounge Bar
109 Goodwood Road
Goodwood SA 5034
P 08 7073 2361

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 7.30am-4pm
Fri 7.30am-4pm, 6pm-10pm
Sat 8am-4pm, 6pm-10pm
Sun 8am-4pm

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1 comment for “Ginger’s Coffee Studio & Vintage Lounge Bar, Goodwood

  1. Danica Ridgeway
    August 28, 2013 at 8:19 PM

    Hello Michelle and Megan,
    Today – Wednesday 28th August 2013 I telephoned to place an order to be picked up. My phone call was diverted to – sorry but I cannot remember which one of you I spoke to but apparently my call went to one of your mobile numbers.
    I also mentioned that I would like to collect the complimentary salad that was offered by Gabrielle due to no feta on salad that I had ordered and collected the day before. I have been a regular to Gingers for quite a while.
    When I presented at Gingers I was approached by a gentleman who was rather condescending – I was immediately taken back by his ‘cocky’ approach. On ascertaining who I was and what I was picking up he made me feel belittled. When the order arrived he wanted to charge me for the salad until I advised that it was complimentary. He proceeded to say that for the feta cheese being omitted from my salad – only worth about a dollar – insinuating that by me getting a free salad was costing Gingers money.
    When I asked who he was he said he was the General Manager – on further asking who he was he gave his name as Nathan.
    If he was to be an employee of mine and treated my customers in the manner that he treated me I would say that he was not working in the interest of my business but only bragging about his position. I would hope that he does not treat your staff in such a belittling manner. Nathan also was angry with me telling me that I should not raise my voice at him to which I apologized but told him that I should not have to repeat my order. As for the complimentary salad, I did not ask for a freebie. It was offered to me. I closed my business to collect my order.
    This incident has left a sour taste in my mouth and due to the rudeness of Nathan towards me I will never order from Gingers again.
    As an owner of my business I treat my customers with respect whether they are right or wrong. I am not a 20 something idiot but a mature woman.
    I trust that you take these comments seriously. I do not believe that Nathan is showing your other staff how to respect customers. The other young gentleman realized that I was upset and offered me a glass of water.
    If the business belonged to Nathan then he would not have a business for long.
    With kind regards

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