Ajisen Ramen in Regent Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Super cheap and satisfying feed at Ajisen Ramen for a hot bowl of soupy goodness to battle the nippy cold that we’re experiencing this year. Why so cold Adelaide?

Ajisen Ramen
Store front in Regent Arcade, wooden chopsticks and Ajisen Ramen serviette, beef enoki roll; $7.00, ebi fry; $7.50

Our starters of beef enoki roll and ebi fry. The rolls were chewy and firm with enoki mushrooms wrapped in a thin slice of beef then dressed in a soy sauce. The piping hot deep fried prawns had a crunchy batter on the outside with an accompanied bowl of kewpie mayonnaise and a thick soy sauce (?). The prawns were greasy and needed a light pat down with the serviette to absorb the excess oil; I also found the prawn meat to be undercooked as the flesh was still transparent and not opaque white.

Ajisen Ramen
Tan Tan Men with corn; $11.50 + 50c

The Stranger ordered his usual go to ramen: the tan tan men, ramen with spicy meat, vegetables and an egg in a tan tan base soup with an extra serving of corn. I, on the other hand, ordered the char grilled ramen with char grilled beef, egg and vegetables; $13.50 and extra corn; + 50c (we like our corn…), a “popular” ramen dish as displayed on their menu. The char grilled beef was incredibly fragrant and flavourful with a nice char and colour on the meat with the soup base subtle in flavour and punch. Both ramen broths were less thick than the one we ordered from Gumshara in Sydney, which is how we prefer our soup base – less fatty! The tan tan men had the more flavourful broth out of the two bowls that we ordered and the genius addition of sweet juicy corn kernels was a winner in our books.

There are 2 Ajisen Ramen locations in Adelaide: 23 Leigh Street, Adelaide SA 5000 (just off Hindley Street) and the other in Regent Arcade in Rundle Mall. Cheap, quick and easy.


Ajisen Ramen
Shop 35, Regent Arcade Rundle Mall
Adelaide SA 5000
P 08 8232 9368

Opening hours
Sat-Thu 11am-5pm
Fri 11am-8.30pm

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