Two years gets you bourbon, four years gets you Jim Beam

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Why helloooOOooo spring!

How beautiful has the weather been? Too bad it’s very short lived but I think it’s safe to say that our cold wintry days are just about over! I’m totes looking forward to the warmer weather ahead, long summer days and balmy nights that calls for relaxing night out with mates over a refreshing cool drink to quench ones thirst. And by a “cool drink”, I really mean… a cool alcoholic beverage! 😉

Now, meet my friend Jim Beam.

The world’s number one bourbon… number one! This well known and popular spirit was founded in 1795 and has been around for over 200 years and 7 generations – now that’s a lot of bourbon making I tells ya! Throughout this time, nothing’s been changed about the way they make their bourbon; same recipe, same family, same attitude.

Bottom line: quality bourbon.

So what makes Jim Beam stand out from the rest of the other bourbons?
It takes four years to produce their bourbon rather than 2 years like most other brands.

Like that saying goes, “things get better with age”… wine, cheese… and now we’ll throw bourbon into the mix as well; it’s in good company. 😉

So how do/would you like to have your Jim Beam? Straight? Mixed? Check out what drinks one could make with Jim Beam as a base here. Notable mentions go to the Old Fashioned (a favourite amongst the stranger and friends) and Whiskey Sour. Bring on spring and summer, I’m ready for you!

old fashioned, udaberri

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