Yoder Smokers, Grill Pro Barbecue Day

There has been a rising popularity of American ‘low and slow’ cooking that is making it’s way through restaurants and cafes in Australia where meats are slow cooked over a wood fired BBQ and the end result is delicious tender meat with smokey flavour and lovely texture. Grill Pro has recently started to import authentic US (Kansas) made Offset Smokers, Charcoal Grills & Pellet Grills / Cookers into Australia for professional and domestic use which previously have not been available here at this quality level. For more information on their products, you can visit their website or check our their Facebook page.

Grill Pro kindly invited myself and a plus one to their Yoder Smokers Grill Pro BBQ Day to check out their products on display and in action; whereby we got to treat ourselves to some delicious food.

Some pics from the day:

grill pro, bbq
This way! ==>

grill pro, bbq
Yoder Smoker on display

grill pro, bbq
Yoder Smoker in action

grill pro, bbq
Help yourself humungo plate of beef brisket and lamb – well what was left of it anyway!

grill pro, bbq
DIY soft bun with brisket and special bbq sauce

A light fluffy bun with as much melt in the mouth smokey brisket as one can cram into it and a good squirt of their special bbq sauce with a slight kick of spice to tingle ones taste buds. Yummo! Other food on offer was bbq ox tongue (which was amazingly tender and had so much flavour – I wish I went back for more), chicken wings, skewers, liver and lamb.

grill pro, bbq
Wine selection

Thank you for the invite Grill Pro!


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  1. September 20, 2013 at 6:07 PM

    Hi Dee,
    You are very welcome, I’m glad that you enjoyed the afternoon.

    Kind regards

    Grill Pro Australia

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